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exp realty buying and selling

EXP Realty, Rick Robey and Associates: An Exceptional Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals

EXP Realty buying and selling

With a unique approach to marketing real estate, EXP Realty has taken the industry by storm, recruiting thousands of established agents throughout the country who are experiencing benefits never before available.

With national reach and a growing network of more than 30,000 agents, plus exceptional revenue opportunities, thousands of local agents have left established local agencies to join the largest single brokerage in America.

When exp Realty presented its case to award-winning local realtor Rick Robey, the former UK and NBA basketball veteran said it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. In the two years since, Robey has not only grown his own business, but opened a local office and added to his team with agents not only from Louisville, but throughout the region.

What’s more, Robey has created an ongoing revenue stream that will continue into the future through exp’s Revenue Share Plan. In addition, he’s earning shares of stock in EXP World Holdings, the national organization and parent of EXP Realty.

Robey, who began his real estate career in Louisville in 1989, after retiring from professional basketball, has built his business with old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity and common sense, along with a strong work ethic. He’s a member of the REMAX Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and has sold more than 2,000 homes.

But Robey also knows a great business opportunity when he sees one. Recognizing the importance of technology and the opportunity to share his success with others, Robey opened an office on North English Station Road in 2020. He shares the space with his wife Bonnie, who has been a successful mortgage originator for 25 years. The space has room for growth as well, with plenty of room for additional agents.

The Robey and Associates Opportunity with exp

Many real estate professionals choose to work on a broker’s team, in which they generate commissions which are then shared with the broker. Team members collaborate and benefit from sharing information within the team.

At exp, that revenue split is an unprecedented 80/20, with a cap of $16,000, for every EXP agent. EXP agents also have access to real-time support, live training and classes, a virtual workplace shared with agents across the U.S., and cutting-edge technology that streamlines the process of earning commissions. And there’s no costly overhead for items such as rent, furnishings or staff.

Another earnings opportunity is the EXP Revenue Share Plan, which allows agents to “sponsor” new agents and receive revenue from the new agent’s sales. Those sponsored agents don’t have to be in the local market, either, since EXP is a single brokerage with operations across the country.

EXP World Holdings, exp’s parent firm, is a publicly-traded company which awards stock to agents based on their performance. That builds another layer of financial security for successful agents.

The technology tools available to EXP agents are second to none. The company’s patented lead-generation technology allows agents to stay in constant touch with potential buyers and sellers, while also generating new leads.

Each agent gets a personalized web site which showcases all properties in the market, and generates reports to the agent about client activity on the site. Through its world-class training programs, agents can learn to generate and manage business in a way that saves time and generates activity.

To find out if the EXP opportunity is right for you, contact Rick Robey at 502-419-9001 today.