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exp realty agentOwning a home is symbolic of achieving the American dream. Today, more and more people are thinking about investing in a home as a first-time buyer. Moreover, individuals who already own real estate are considering expanding portfolios with more real estate. The fact is that buying a home is a good investment that is not without risk. EXP Realty is a company that can help future home buyers work through the details of purchasing a property. Eight-year NBA veteran Rick Robey delivers award-winning real estate expertise in the Louisville area with EXP Realty. 


The purchase of a property should be considered as a long-term investment. Indeed, the decision to invest in real estate should not be taken lightly. In addition, buying real estate is a financial commitment that requires research and careful planning. EXP Realty market professionals work with both buyers and sellers on real estate transactions. EXP Realty as a buy and sell expert is an ideal choice for people who venture into the market. 


Locate an Area Real Estate Expert 


The types of real estate that an estate agent can manage include both residential and commercial buildings.  EXP Realty market professionals offer buyers and sellers in the Louisville region a high level of expertise and decades of experience. People who wish to buy or sell a property, you should contact the real estate agency as a serious company with which you can do business. Rick Robey, a leading real estate professional, has enjoyed success as a member of the 100% Club, Hall of Fame, Platinum Club and # 1 Kentucky and Tennessee teams, as well as Chairman’s Circle. 


Since buying a house is a fairly complex process, potential buyers should work with an experienced broker. Licensed brokers have spent hours upon hours studying courses that have been reviewed by professional organizations to obtain a license. The courses studied by the brokers include principles and practices in real estate, law, economics, finance, property management, trust management, lending, interest and appraisal. 


Licensing requirements vary from state to state. In Kentucky, real estate agents must complete a minimum of 96 hours of instruction from an approved institution or 6 hours of instruction from an accredited institution. Rick Robey has been a full-time licensed broker since 1989. He is also a member of the REMAX Hall of Fame and received a REMAX Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, Rick held the top 10 real estate teams for more than a decade.  Potential customers will find that EXP Realty is a competent resource as a buying and selling professional. Indeed, Rick has sold more than 2,000 properties since 1989.


Investing in Real Estate


Buyers who haven’t made their way to home ownership early need not worry when they reach the age of 30, as the resource notes that the average age for a first-time homebuyer on a median income of about $72,000 is about 35 years. While there are buyers who fall short of these statistics, EXP Realty is designed to help countless home buyers. 


Many new home buyers are not entirely sure about all aspects of the property. It is therefore a good idea to contact an experienced broker. In fact, when buying a home for the first or even second time, there are a few important factors buyers should consider. Factors like budget, price range, down payment and long-term value are just some of the things buyers should consider. Since buying a house is such a complex process, buyers and sellers need trustworthy real estate agents who are competent and communicative. As a real estate agent who continues to pursue training, Rick is known for being at the cutting edge of the industry. Explore real estate options through EXP.