experience Old Louisville’s scary past with “Victorian Tales of Terror”

Historic Neighborhood Conjures Spirits for a Halloween Event Like No Other

LOUISVILLE, KY – (September 29, 2015) The Old Louisville Neighborhood Council is bringing Louisvillians a unique way to experience our storied history with the “Victorian Tales of Terror”, 7-9 p.m. October 15-18. Part outdoor theater and part walking tour, this Halloween-themed event presents ghostly scenes (some based on historical events) set against the spooky environment of the 130-year old Victorian neighborhood at night. It’s the perfect event for theater enthusiasts, history buffs and those looking for an old-fashioned Halloween scare.

“When people think of the Victorian era its common to note elaborate homes and a rigid, stratified society” said Daniel Gatlin, author and actor in “Victorian Tales of Terror.” “But what they may not know is that the Victorians were also interested in forms of divination such as astrology, crystal gazing and phrenology. This was also the period when the religion of “Spiritualism” was at its height and contacting the dead through mediums at séances was a common social activity.”

The Victorian period acts as the setting for “Victorian Tales of Terror” where guests are guided by “mediums” who manifest, through their psychic gifts, the characters and stories they’ll encounter as they travel through the neighborhood. The “mediums” are actually actors portraying members of the “Society of the Unseen Hand,” which was an organization of Spiritualists and paranormal investigators founded in Louisville in 1900 and headed by Professor Damon Aldridge, a medium and inventor in his own right, who will act as your host.

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Each tour lasts 45-60 minutes and consists of numerous stops, where guests will interact with characters presenting stories of hauntings, murder and mayhem. Several of the stories incorporate characters from Penny Dreadfuls, popular Victorian pulp fictions of the time, as well as drawing on local history. Because of the nature of some of the events portrayed, “Victorian Tales of Terror” isn’t suitable for small children, but is just what for those looking to get into the Halloween spirit are looking for.

“We’re thrilled to have had the chance to put together this exciting piece of environmental theater,” said co-writer and director, Chazz Petersen. “Bringing all the elements together has been hard work, but with our talented actors and dedicated volunteers I believe we’ve created a unique experience that truly takes you back in time.”

Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased online at oldlouisville.org/victorian-tales-of-terror. Tour groups are limited to 30 audience members in order to preserve the event’s spooky atmosphere; walk-ins are accommodated where availability permits. Tours run from 7-9 p.m., October 15-18. Guests should book their tickets as soon as possible. Event t-shirts and refreshments will be available for purchase before and after the event at the Historic Old Louisville Neighborhood and Visitors Center.  There will also be fortune tellers and a photo location for some added Halloween fun.

The “Victorian Tales of Terror” is 100% volunteer-produced, so all proceeds benefit the beautification and restoration efforts of the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council and future neighborhood-sponsored events.


About Old Louisville Neighborhood Council:

The Old Louisville Neighborhood Council serves as the official voice of Old Louisville and is a federation of 21 neighborhood associations that represent 12,000 people. The council works to preserve and protect one of the nation’s oldest historic preservation districts of Victorian mansions that is an exceptional heritage tourism destination. Old Louisville is also home to many artistic and cultural events throughout the year, including SpringFest, the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, the St. James Court Art Show, the Garvin Gate Blues Festival, the Victorian Tales of Terror, and the Old Louisville Holiday Home Tour. Visit the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council’s website at www.oldlouisville.org for an updated list of events and news about the Old Louisville neighborhood.