Fair Look at Locals from Sarah Hyland

Louisville's own Sarah Hyland was a riot at the Comedy Caravan

I don’t think I can ever forget Sarah Hyland on stage at the Comedy Caravan Saturday night, bent over a stool that was supposed to be a sheep at the Kentucky State Fair, mocking a nine-year-old holding his prize animal. In fact, I don’t think the Fair will ever be the same for anyone in the packed house Saturday, because the Louisville native apparently spent a day out there and came back with a bucket of material that paints a too-accurate portrait of Kentuckians.

Hyland, who grew up in the Highlands and went to Assumption, is on the verge of becoming a big star in the world of comedy. She was a regular on Punk’d, and now has a pilot called Comedy Coliseum on NBC. She lives in L.A., but made a rare appearance in town over the weekend. She didn’t hold back on the pussy jokes, either, even though her slightly embarrassed dad and brother were sitting right next to the stage.

Hyland is a physical comic, and she’s loud, and she does a ton of characters (many with Kentucky accents). My favorite was her characterization of local newscasts, as her perception of the local news was influenced, hilariously, by recent events.

“Over to you. IT’S HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT. OK Back to you.

“MURDER! Murder, Murder, Murder, Murder, MURDER. Back to you”

“PENIS! Some dude got his PENIS cut off. Penis amputation. PENIS, PENIS. Back to you.


“What else is going on. Derby’s in May y’all.”

Don’t miss her next time she’s here.