Fat Man Sues White Castle..Unable to Slide Into The Slider’s Seat


O.K, America and Louisville, let’s stand up!! And I mean let’s really stand up, if your overweight and go to a White Castle to eat some of the best burgers ever served at 2 o’clock in the morning.

It seems as if a 209 pound, six-foot gentleman by the name of Martin Kessman is suing White Castle for bigger seats. Martin says in his lawsuit that he could not fit into the stationary booths “due to his stature”, and claiming White Castle violated the American Disabilities Act for that.

Martin attempted to sit at the restaurant in Nanuet New York in 2009, where he has eaten since 1959 ( couldn’t be part of the problem?). Embarrassed by not being able to sit, he wrote White Castle three times, and who, in return, sent back 3 “condescending” letters with a coupon for 3  free hamburgers…each time. “but the cheese was extra!” cried Martin in his lawsuit.

White Castle responded to the complaint, saying that Kessman could have asked for a folding chair, as others in the restaurant have done.The tables are constructed in one piece, with a fixed distance set between the table and the seat, as in many fast food eateries.

“We have chairs available for people rather than having them sit in booths,” White Castle spokesperson Jamie Richardson said. “We try to cover all of our bases. We were surprised by the lawsuit.”

So several years later, no seat changes, and apparently with no weight loss, Martin sued this week.

” I just want to sit down like a normal person” Kessman said.

Kessman has not set a foot in his local White Castle since, but  still gets his wife to pick up burgers and fries for him.


And so there we have it folks…an extra large order of pathetic, with a side of stupididty….and make that to go please!