Fear the disease not the cure! Why most don’t exercise!

A gentleman stumbled into my office last week almost in tears. Come to find out he was more terrified that he might have to change his lifestyle than acknowledge the fact that his foot might have to be amputated.

No kidding! This guy was obese and had severe diabetes from being so overweight, but still could not come to grips with the consequences of his disease and wanted to put off exercising.  As much as I wanted not to hurt his feelings I had to be straight forward with him so he may not be hurt later when he loses his feet.

Fear can be a very powerful motivator or deterrent. Many people fail to start on an exercise program for such reasons as:

Fear of failure.

Fear of success and maintaining it.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of being noticed; yes the fear of being recognized.

Fear of acknowledging his/her circumstances (denial).

Fear of asking for help (pride).

Fear of wasting time- Sad way of thinking since they may die for not trying!


F- False

E- Evidence

A- Appearing

R- Real

The sad thing is, with all the excuses people have for not getting enough exercise it comes down to illusions in the head.

The cure is not the thing one must be fearful of, it’s the disease. If anything one should be afraid NOT to get daily exercise. Lose the fear and excuses and lose the weight, its just that simple! Now if you are irritated after reading this, then I’ve done my job.


Greg Ryan is an accomplished author, personal trainer, life coach and owner of Resolutions Preventative Health Care through Fitness for Seniors and Diabetics in St. Matthews. www.resolutions.bz