Feeling Floody in River City

I don’t like this forecast, or the fact that Bud Schardein says he’s getting ready for flood conditions worse than he’s ever seen.

It's ugly on the River. PHOTO: WLKY-TV

Meanwhile, the show(s) must go on. I’ll be at the Yum! Center tonight for the Derby Festival Basketball Classic, checking out some of U of L’s new recruits.It won’t be affected by rain, at least.

But based on yesterday’s media event and the flooding, it looks like next week’s steamboat race is in trouble. That event has really lost its luster recently, as there have been steamboat issues and a lack of interest by the media. And trying to make the race a U of L vs UK event this year isn’t going to save it. It looks like the boats may not leave the dock next Wednesday.

And this weather is really going to suck for the Hole-in-One contest at the Water Tower. This weekend would have been the time to go out and knock one close, but, well, the weather.

In non-weather news. . .

Saving Iron Quarter: The worst-kept secret in town? That the city is trying to put together a group of investors to buy the Iron Quarter from Todd Blue, who wants to team them down on the May 6 deadline.  Wouldn’t it be better if Blue would just do the right thing? It’s presumed the new investors would spend the necessary money to preserve the Main Street facades and develop the property, something the tight-fisted Blue refuses to do.

Our Scandal, in TIME: Local freelancer Cary Stemle has an explanation of the U of L Grawemayer Award scandal in TIME. Greg Mortenson, apparently, was a bad choice for the $100K award. And Spalding’s Tori Murden McClure, who was on the committee that chose him, gets to say “I told you so.”

Radio’s State of Affairs: Yesterday was the last show on WFPL for the daily talk show, and readers had a lot of comments on WFPL.org.  So now what?  If you can’t stand the right-wingers bashing Obama on Mandy Connell’s show on WHAS, try tuning in to Joe Elliott on WGTK-AM 970. Joe has a great lineup of guests every show talking about the issues that matter around here.  I just wish the station would get rid of some of those national blowhards and add more local programming.

Mandy Goes National: The aforementioned Connell has been picked to be part of a national show on Premeire Networks, The Weekender, which features rotating hosts on a show that airs Saturdays at Noon.

Note to John Boel – Ironman Extended: This week, the Louisville Sports Commission announced that the Ironman race, quickly becoming one of the most popular in the country, will be held here through 2016. As long as the Ohio River goes down.

The Primary: Given the huge lead the Williams – Farmer slate has over the campaigns of Louisville-based candidates Phil Moffett and Bobbi Holsclaw, could we just skip all the David and Richie TV ads? Williams-Farmer raised nearly a half-million bucks in the first quarter, while Moffett ($45,883) and Holsclaw (a paltry $22,774) are barely hanging on.

Yes, Student-Athletes do Drugs: Our own Gabe Duverge has some insight on the U of L soccer students who got busted.

Finally, Another Bar in St. Matthews: Add Drake’s to the list of places to have a beer in St. Matthews. The new bar is touting its food, serves sushi and calls itself  . . . “a hybrid restaurant, bar and dance club that offers excellent food and a wide variety of craft beers.” It’s in the Burdorf’s building near BBC, Brendan’s, Molly Malone’s and Saints.