Feeling Stuck?

In preparation for a group BodyTalk session I am hosting tonight I sat down this morning and let an issue “arise”. An old AND current way of being and thinking seems to have my attention at the moment – it seems to be rooted in “Separation Consciousness”. When I reflected on it, I saw a “limiting” consciousness that is a pattern in my way of expressing and experiencing life and relationships. Yuck!

The exciting gift is that I now see the pattern – I keep inviting in people and situations to help me become aware, to grow. With this new awareness, and with the intention to do my work around it, I expect to break free of this “Separation consciousness” – at least a layer of it, with ease and grace. Heck, maybe even joy!

And since “issues are in the tissues”, I am curious to see what changes I will see in my body. And yours. The photos below show a client’s shift in a session.

Range of motion before session
Range of motion increased after the session

While “on the surface” this event can help you address your new years resolutions and lack of follow through, the deeper intention is to reveal and release the old pattern and consciousness behind this outward expression and experience.

Whether you know what you want to work on or not, it is an exciting journey. Please come join me, all are welcome.

RSVP’s appreciated.
Wednesday February 23, 7-9pm
Break Your Limiting Life Patterns
Living the same old same old? Unable to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions? Let me help with your Intention to become conscious of your destructive and limiting patterns. experience a group BodyTalk session to help you with the process. $18 for you/$30 for you and a friend.
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Thanks for tuning in to this frequency!

Mollie Yunker
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner


Let the Healing Begin!

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