Fight Time in River City


You can meet some tough guys at the Kilt

Hang with Your Fighting Heroes: I don’t get the UFC business, but the big fight event is a big enough deal to book the Yum Center tonight, and afterward, you can go hang out with the headliners at an after party at The Tilted Kilt.  The TK, on Dutchmans, has its own MMA Fight Team. Better yet, bring some canned goods to the Kilt on Friday night and you can try arm wrestling a fighter. And if you don’t know what UFC and MMA stand for, you’re not going.

Welcome Margue: That’s right, Margue Esrock, who runs the St. James Court Art Show, is writing here at She’s upping our culture cred. Check out her first post.

Is that Joe Arnold on the Radio?: The WHAS-TV reporter says he can’t remember how long it’s been since he did that overnight radio show, but he’s back on the air today subbing for Joe Elliott on WGTK-AM 970.  Among his guests is Philip Bailey, who’s got a new job.

Careful What You Leave on that Machine: Allan Cowen, chair of the Fund for Arts, has a notorious temper, illustrated in this story by Elizabeth Kramer.  Apparently upset with Shannon Westerman of the LVAA over a letter published in Business First, Cowen left an angry message on Westerman’s voice mail, which got around to Cowen’s bosses and eventually to the C-J. And now the Fund’s executive committee is going to investigate the incident. Temper, temper.

Culture Clash: You can get in to the Actors Theatre party kicking off the Humana Festival of New American Plays for free tonight, starting at 7. Across the street, there will be the UFC Mixed Martial Arts Fighting event going on.

Good Advice: From radio maven Lynda Lambert in the Voice-Tribune, to her younger self  —  “You will get a chest. It won’t happen until college, but you will get one, so relax. Stand up straight. Wearing a back brace in ninth grade is going to be tough, but it will pay off. The first TV assignment you will get after college will be to interview former President Gerald Ford. When you step up to the microphone to ask him a question, look down at all of the camera cables, because if you don’t, it’s not going to end well, and ending up on your bum in front of the president of the United States is a mortifying experience. And hug your grandmother more.”

Green Tie, Green Event: At Friday Green Tie Bash sponsored by Brightside, Owsley Brown II and Jerry Abramson are getting awards and Nappy Roots will play some tunes. And the second annual Acorn Awards, recognizing locals doing good things for the environment, will be handed out.

It’s Really All About Abortion: Here’s what the Williams-Farmer camp believes is important to voters, sent in an e-mail today:  “Richie Farmer and I will always stand up for the unborn, while Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson show no leadership or interest in doing the same.” So this is what the Governor’s Race is going to be about.  Fortunately for women, the informed consent bill that Williams’ Senate passed, requiring women to have a face-to-face meeting with a doctor 24 hours before the procedure, didn’t get out of the House.