Fired! And Some Hires

FIRED: It’s unbelievable the dumb things dudes do for sex. According to reports, One Southern Indiana chief Jody Wassmer sent pics of his di.. genitals to several

Former OSI chief Jody Wassmer

women from his work email account. The Owensboro native, on the job four months, tried passing off to media the fiction that, get this, he wanted to go back home to be closer to his family. But then the real story came out here.  So remember, when people leave jobs because “they realize how deep their ties to Owensboro are,” it’s right to be skeptical.

FIRED, BUT WHY? Which leads me to wonder why Ted Nicholson, GM at the Yum! Center, was fired by the Fair Board, which hasn’t yet fired its president, Harold Workman, who maybe should be. The story on Nicholson, on the job two years, is mysterious. No one is saying why he got canned, including Workman. Arena Authority chair Jim Host was taken by surprise, too. I doubt Nicholson sent out any dirty pics, but it’s revealing what Jonathan Blue said about the arena’s dark nights in this Insider Louisville interview.

HIRED!  Gannett VP of Human Resources Randi Austin is the new publisher at the local newspaper, replacing Arnold Garson as head of the sinking ship.  In theory, she’ll oversee the construction of a paywall online, so that you won’t have to bother stopping at the C-J’s web site.

HIRED!  It may be the only place to find a job in media these days, and it’s great to see Louisville Public Media bringing on an Arts and Humanities reporter. It’s local writer Erin Keane, whose work has appeared everyhere you can imagine.

HIRED! Yep, that’s a familiar face reporting at WDRB-TV. Lawrence Smith, who was at WHAS-TV from 1990-2001, is back on the local airwaves. He’s been a communications VP at the Southern Baptist Seminary, and came back to TV last week.