First Chevy Volt owner in Louisville refuses to sell car back to GM.

Bob Sokoler Tears up offer from GM to give back Volt.
Bob Sokoler Tears up offer from GM to give back Volt.

Bob Sokoler says this is crazy! There’s no way he would give back or sell his Chevy volt! Bob has been driving the Volt since the end of April 2011. The ordered it in Paramus New Jersey, waited three months for delivery, flew up to New York to pick up the Volt and drove it back with his dad the same night. Bob says “It’s been a wonderful experience, I love this car, GM got it right”!

What does Bob think about the reported battery fires from side impact crashes conducted by safety teams? “So the worst-case scenario is I get into a collision, I walk away, and days or weeks later the car catches on fire, as long as the occupants are okay that’s all I’m concerned about”.

“If you follow the news you know there’s been a lot of attention paid to the Chevy volt, its pioneering technology, and it has a big target on! Every time a garage catches on fire with the Chevy volt in it, there’s an enormous investigation to see if the Chevy volt or the charger for it cause the fire. In every case to date and the charger have not been the fault of the fire”.

“I understand the it attention being given to the car, and I appreciate GM offering to buy it back as a good gesture, but I’m tearing up the letter with that offer. I would never give back, sell back or give away my Chevy volt. It’s an enjoyable car to drive, I love passing up gas stations and I some my nose to the oil industry whenever I can. Alternative fuels other wave of the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if the oil industry is behind the push to investigate the Chevy Volt fires.” The oil industry knows the writing is on the wall, consumers have been looking for a way to eliminate our dependence on the oil industry, don’t you think the oil industry would do anything to see the failure of a car like the Chevy Volt”!

Bob is a Louisville Kentucky realtor and uses his car to show property, and meet clients. His only regret is that Ford is a year behind with their electric car.” Louisville is a Ford town” says Bob “I’d love to be driving a Ford product to support my town”

Bob posted his own comments on the blog he created for his car

Bob Sokoler is a formerAnchor/Reporter turned Louisville
7 years ago, and co-owner of The Medley Sokoler Team in
Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team by clicking Louisville Real Estate.