Football in These Parts – I N E P T

Western had more to celebrate that UK. PHOTO: J.S.Robinson

It’s gonna be a long year for football fans around here.

Talk radio is lit up with fans disenchanted with U of L’s weak effort against Murray State, in which the Racers won the 2nd half 6-0. It wasn’t that Murray played well. U of L stunk. They’re inept. There’s a lack of talent. No imagination on offense. And Will Stein is not the guy to take this team to a winning season in the Big East. The crowd wilted in the heat, like the players.

But for U of L fans, the game against UK Sept. 17 became a little more winnable. UK’s offense was anemic. QB Morgan Newton can’t get it done. The Cats actually might have lost the game against Western had the WKU quarterback been able to hit a wide open receiver. And the idea of playing in Nashville, in hopes of helping recruiting by winning impressively in an NFL stadium, didn’t work out as less than 25,000 fans went to see it.

UK got 6 yards on its first 4 offensive possessions. U of L didn’t socre in the 2nd half. In Nashville, the game featured 15 punts and only 16 pass completions. U of L’s heralded QB Teddy Bridgewater got in for one series and led his team backwards with penalties.

For Charlie Strong and Joker Phillips, these were not the kind of victories you build your program on.

It’s hard to imagine a worse start for either team, unless you consider they could actually have lost to their lesser in-state foes.