Foreign Exchange Students Perfect for Staycations in the ‘ville …

Summer vacations don’t always have to be out of town.  There’s the staycation.  You know, where you sorta do the tourist in your own hometown, thing.

For several years, we’ve added a staycation here in the ‘ville to our calendar.  In year’s past, we have made it interesting by hosting a foreign exchange student in our home.  We did it for just one month and we took our student from France – who is a friend to everybody in my house on facebook now so it must have been fun – to all things Louisville and we really enjoyed ourselves.

This year, I’ve suggested to host families to take part in the River Cities Sailing Program’s Pizza and Sailing event on July 15, Shakespeare in Central Park, WFPKs Waterfront Wednesday and their Live Lunch program on Fridays.  Also free is the Louisville Skate Park, photos with the Marvin Finn chickens down at Waterfront Park as well as the Portland Visitor Center and Museum.  Good stuff.  Good, good Louisville stuff.

One need not have a foreign exchange student to enjoy these free and fun things in Louisville but having one does give a family permission to do all this and more.  The Louisville Slugger Museum, The Muhammad Ali Center, Frazier Arms Museum, The Speed Art Museum, Bats games …

Nacel Open Door is an outfit I’ve been affiliated with for a handful of years and we’ve had such a great time hosting students.  Several students from Spain are arriving July 8 and return on August 5.  They are hosted by Louisville families who add one more kid to whatever they do for a month and it’s great for all involved.

Nacel is still looking for folks who will welcome and host students.   Nacel offers $300 stipends for host families to offset costs.  Nacel students from Spain come with their own spending money for activities and outings.