Friday Bombshell: Bevin Announces U of L Board, Ramsey Are Out

Gov. Matt Bevin had enough of the shenanigans of the last few years at the University of Louisville.

Today he announced that he was effectively firing the entire 17-member Board and accepting the resignation of the school’s president, Dr. James Ramsey.

He said that three people – Junior Bridgeman, Bonita Black and Dr. Ron Wright –  will serve as the Interim Board for the next two weeks, Bevin said.

Ramsey’s immediate fate isn’t certain, Bevin said, though his resignation could be effective immediately.

“Given the disfunction that exists between factions of the board, it would have created a degrees of fervor that would have been a distraction….There has not been a lot of discussion with the existing board,” Bevin said. “the ability to have civil discourse is not what it should be, so the best course was to go with a fresh start. It was a culmination of many things, it has been going on for some time.”

President James Ramsey

Bevin has asked for 30 names from the Council on Post-Secondary Education, from which he will select 10 new board members that will join three existing members (representing faculty, staff and students) to make up the 13-member board.

Bevin would not speculate on who the next president will be, but said the president needs to be “the biggest cheerleader for the university, someone who will unapologetically be all about the University of Louisville.”

Bevin said his “real intent is to find the right people.”