From Champion to the Captain – Fantastic

Weather Forecast: Rain. Cold. Wind. Get over it. The best seat for Thunder may be in front of your TV.  The broadcast is on WLKY-TV.

Champion Weatherman: When I first heard that the best the Derby Festival could do for a They’re Off luncheon speaker was an ABC weather reporter,  it was disappointing. But Sam Champion made it to the broadcasting big leagues through stations in Lexington and Paducah, so I’m a little more interested.  Still, it seems a step down from Magic Johnson, Dr. J and Dick Vitale (who was in town last night). At least they serve Mint Juleps. I’ll be there, thanks to an invite from Guthrie Mayes P.R.

Kentucky Kingdom Tries Again: The only station reporting on Kentucky Kingdom’s new financing plan, in which Ed Hart is offering to increase his investment, was Fox41.  Councilman Dan Johnson spoke strongly in favor of financing the project, but reality set in when Marianne Butler told the station that “It will be a very hard sell. We’re going to be short already on the budget so it’s going to be a very hard sell if we’re able to do this.”

Fox41's Tamara Evans

A New Hottie in Town: Reporting on that story was Tamara Evans, most recently a reporter at WKYT-TV in Lexington and a WKU grad.  If you think local stations overdo it UK sports, consider that Evans did this story on Josh Harrellson’s girlfriend during the Final Four.

Olmstead Out: WAVE sports reporter Mike Olmstead, who did sports for Fox41 and then WAVE, left the market for a KFJX in Joplin, Mo.  Word is that means a promotion for Kendrick Haskins.

No More Soap: Erica Kane lovers, weep away. ABC announced yesterday that All My Children and One Life to Live are on the way out, making room for a cooking show and a healthy living program.  With WHAS-TV’s previously announced programming change, adding a morning talk show and another hour of news in the fall, the station’s daytime lineup will be totally changed. Except General Hospital will remain.

Rumor Confirmed: Those January rumors that a Trader Joe’s was coming to the Shelbyville Road Plaza? It’s TRUE.  The company made it official yesterday, and the store is expected to open later this year.

Dear C-J, We’re Not Stupid: It’s no secret that circulation is down at the local paper. So they’re sending me a sample paper in the MAIL this week, including a letter from Arnie Garson about how hard the reporters are working. But that “One Month Free” offer in huge type is misleading. It’s actually two months at half price they’re offering, which isn’t the same. And it’s insulting. And I’m not getting the paper.

Captain Fantastic: One of my favorite vinyl albums is Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.” From the days when albums were big projects and came with art and book with all the lyrics, in 1975.  Captain Fantastic is in town tonight at the Yum Center. Show starts at 8.