From Dentistry to Nursing: Which of These Healthcare Careers is Right for You?

When it comes to working in healthcare, you have a lot of options. As great as it is to have a wide variety of choices, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, especially when all you know is you want to work in the medical sector.

To help you decide which area of healthcare to work in, here are some of the best medical careers and whether or not they’d be right for you.

Registered Nurse

Nurses are a crucial part of healthcare. They work alongside doctors, surgeons, physicians, and other licensed nurses to deliver high-quality care to patients. As a registered nurse, you have the option to work in a range of settings, with your primary duties being to perform physical exams, speak with patients and their families, provide medications, and attend to sick patients.

A career as a registered nurse would generally suit someone caring, patient, and hard-working. Although it doesn’t pay as well as some other healthcare careers, many nurses find it highly satisfying, and there are options to advance.

To become a registered nurse, you must hold an associate’s degree, which takes around four years. Alternatively, if you already have a bachelor’s degree, you could pursue an accelerated nursing program. If you are interested in an online ABSN, visit this website.


Veterinarians are quite different from other healthcare professionals in that they don’t treat humans at all – they work with animals. It is a highly respected career with duties involving examining animals, treating injuries, administering vaccinations, and performing different surgeries.

If you love animals and you are academically motivated, then becoming a veterinarian could be for you. It takes around eight years to become one, so be prepared to spend many years in education and training before getting your license.


Dentistry is all about oral care. It provides patients with varying treatments, from root canals to tooth extraction, as well as advice on the best ways to look after teeth and gums.
Becoming a dentist is no easy feat – you must complete around six to eight years of education before entering the role officially. The benefits include a high salary, a respected career, and the ability to start your own practice. Due to this, it would suit someone who is both highly intelligent and ambitious.


The role of a dietician is to advise patients on nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s an essential part of healthcare, as it helps patients prevent diseases, reduce symptoms, and manage chronic illnesses.

A keen interest in the way food affects the body is necessary to thrive in this career. As well as that, you must also hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject.


Surgeons are well-educated healthcare professionals who perform surgery on patients after completing eight years of education and even more years of training. While a lot of time is spent in the operating room, there are also many hours spent in meetings, researching, and documenting.

To become a surgeon, you must have a strong stomach, an intelligent mind, and steady hands. The ability to hold your nerve in intense situations is also a must. It’s not a career for everyone, but those who succeed get to enter a highly respected and lucrative career that helps save many lives.

Physical Therapist

The main duty of a physical therapist is to provide injured patients help with mobility and pain management. They usually work with referred patients after being treated by another doctor.

You will need a doctoral or professional degree to become a physical therapist, which could take around seven to eight years. On top of education, you must also be incredibly patient, sociable, and compassionate.


Psychiatrists work with those suffering from mental health conditions to diagnose, rehabilitate, and reduce symptoms in their patients. It is not an easy career by any means; it requires high levels of patience as well as genuine empathy and a deep understanding of mental health.

The path to becoming a psychiatrist is a lengthy one – you must complete eight years of education, including four years of medical school, before embarking on at least three years of training in the field. Many psychiatrists see this as worth it, though, as they then have the opportunity to open their own practice and earn a lucrative salary while helping those in need.


The workplace of a pharmacist can be quite different from other healthcare professionals, as they work in pharmacies that often reside in grocery stores and drug stores. They administer medications to those with prescriptions as well as advise patients on over-the-counter medications. All pharmacists have deep knowledge of all the medications they prescribe and advise on.

If you want to become a pharmacist, you must complete eight years of education, as this will prepare you for the high responsibility of the role. If you’d prefer a healthcare career that isn’t as intense as working in an emergency room, then this could be the role for you.


A paramedic provides the essential service of attending to medical emergencies. They have experience seeing to a variety of needs, including wounds, strokes, and overdoses. The intensity of this role means you must have a strong stomach, excellent communication skills, and high stamina.

You need to complete a paramedic program to become a paramedic, and this will take a couple of years.

Health Educator

Healthcare educators play an important role in educating people on how to live a healthy life. Due to this responsibility, they must be intelligent, great communicators, and highly analytical.

The minimum requirement of a health educator is a bachelor’s degree. It would suit someone with an interest in healthcare who wishes to provide knowledge to those who need it most.

If you want to work in healthcare, one of these roles could give you the career you’ve always dreamed of. Consider your education, talents, personality, and motivation to decide which role is right for you.