Furloughs and Gas, and a Tennis Movie

Terry Meiners and Melissa Swan lead the cheers for the Crusade

Hope you had a whole lotta weekend like I did. Mine was  highlighted by Sunday’s concert at Lakeside Swim Club by Mickey Clark. Thanks to Dr. John (Hans) Gilderbloom for the hospitality.  And congratulations to the WHAS Crusade for Children. It’s amazing how so many people tossing a few quarters in at red lights during a weekend can add up to $5 million.

Now, on to the most important, or remarkable, stuff doing on this week:

To Furlough, or not to Furlough: The Metro Council continues its budget hearings today, and members have been making news by making public their plans to take the voluntary furlough program suggested by the Mayor. Thus far, Dems Shanklin, James, Ward-Pugh, Welch, Blackwell and Yates have said they’ll do the right thing. And we’re assuming the Republicans will go along as a group. We will also assume that Judy Green will find the $816 she’d have to give up too much to lose.

The better story may be whether or not the well-compensated legislative aides, many of whom make just under the mandatory $70K, will voluntarily give up their one-week salaries. Will their bosses pressure them to go along?

Meet the new Super: JCPS gives the public a chance to meet its next superintendent this week. Tonight Christine Johns-Haines, from Michigan, will be at Male High School at 6 p.m.  On Wednesday, you can go and meet Donna Hargens from North Carolina at the same time and place.

My Kind of Movie:  Gill Holland describes the film being shot over at the Jewish Community Center this month this way:  “It’s a little ‘Bad News Bears,’ a little ‘Caddyshack’ and a little ‘Tin Cup.’”  Good enough for me. It’s about tennis, a sport Holland says doesn’t have a defining comedic movie. He’s right.  The movie is called “Tan Lines” and includes some local actors.

Nice Outfit: Did you happen to see what Carrie Shafer wore to court last week? The ex-Manual teacher seemed to walk in straight from the Karen Sypher school of design. Check out the C-J’s pics.

Gas to Kroger:  Gas prices at Kroger are only $3.05 at the Kroger in Plainview, and other Kroger stores around town. So it you’re one of those people who are willing to wait in line to save .80 a gallon, get over there.