Gas, girls, bad boys & The Bridge: from Oil to Highschool- responsibility is lacking

I cant remain silent any longer.

I’ve made tons of mistakes, and learn life lessons every day i take responsibility for.  IF, everyone would just own up to their own crap, and stop trying to blame others, shirk responsibility and screw others, the world would be a damn better place.

I’m sick of campaigners and liars, all whining about how everyone else is at fault except them. Right vs. Wrong.Learn it, know it, live it.

Ask my 9 year old and her friend who did nothing more than taste someone’s birthday cupcake icing once w/o permission,  about the wrath of mommy’s right from wrong speech…and the grounding I imposed…

Whew. OK.

Onto the news that prompted this rant.

Savannah Dietrich:  Her assailants drop their countersuit

I’m sure it been covered to death, but developments in the Dietrich sexual assault case takes yet another turn today, here’s the scoop ( from across the pond in the UK no less) about the 17 year old Louisville teen assaulted by 2 Trinity boys, who took advantage of a drunk girl, and then shared the pictures. If thats not bad enough, they made a weak plea deal and got pissed, so logically they counter sued their victim for contempt of court for releasing their names on Twitter.

They lost.
Lesson: don’t be a douchebag, and you wont get the “Teen Douchebaggery Award”.

Whatever happened to respect for your peers? How about someone at the party tell then to stop? Why didn’t their parents see what their precious little sexual assailants did was wrong and not try to cop a deal and then rub that girls nose in it?

Those are rhetorical questions mind you. I know why, because their self righteousness won’t let them. I’m sure the boy’s story was

“She was drunk” – so that makes it ok?
“She’s a little whore” – so again, that makes it ok? Ok to assult her while sleeping a drunk off in her own house?

Blah. Blah. Blah.

The case should have remained closed because they are minors, and I’m sorry for your little names being plastered all over the internet, including your parents names and addresses, schools and sports teams. ( which I’m not going to feed the frenzy and publish them here, but please, its too late now).

You cannot un-ring that bell boys, period.

It’s as useless as Bill Clinton telling the world “I did NOT have SEX with THAT woman.” Uh-huh.

Don’t be little douchebags any longer, get a PR agent, have your parents set a presser up, and cop to your bad deeds at last. Maybe donate time and money to your penance and some rape relief shelters. Educate your peers as to whats right and wrong.

You may just feel better by not trying to shirk your responsibility and just be accountable for once in your life.

Savannah Dietrich and her barrister

UPDATE from the INDY STAR: August 30 2012

The attorney for one of the boys who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting Savannah Dietrich dropped an appeal of Chief Jefferson District Court Judge Angela McCormick Bisig’s ruling to open the juvenile case to the public.

Earlier Wednesday, at the request of attorneys for one of the boys, Bisig had held off on releasing the documents for another 24 hours to allow for an appeal to Circuit Court.

But attorney Michael R. Mazzoli, who along with Chris Klein represents one of the boys, wrote that, “upon reflection, counsel determined that it is in the best interests of the boys to move forward to a disposition of the juvenile case without delay, rather than prolong the case by pursuing an appellate ruling on a question of law, however important that legal question might be.”

To send your comments on this case to the Kentucky Court of Justice, here is their link:

This is to send comments to thier office of Legal Services, the point is to reach the location and have them redirect the information to those involved. The judge to be reported is Judge Dee McDonald, District Judge.
Louis D. Brandeis Hall Of Justice, 600 W. Jefferson St., Louisville, KY 40202. (502) 595-4960 (Phone) (502) 595-3270 (Fax).

The judge on this case Judge Dee McDonald can also be reported to their Judicial Ethics Committee Members: I’m still searching for email addresses, try the fax numbers.
Arnold Taylor, Esq.
Judicial Ethics Committee.
P.O. Box 17411
Covington, Ky. 41017
Phone: 859-331-2000
Fax: 859-578-3365 or 578-3368.



Name a hurricane & drive your prices up!

I love the big oil companies, especially in the times of natural US disasters! Wow, the compassion they have to raise gas prices is beyond considerate and helpful!

GRRRRRR. I mean almost an entire dollar because of Isaac?


@ Huffington Post BC:   Oil rose as Isaac gathered strength on its way into the heart of the Gulf of Mexico’s oil and refinery operations. ( LOVE THIS LINE )The price got a boost after midday when forecasters said Isaac had strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane with 75 mph winds.”
**So UP the category and drive the price. Brilliant. I want to be a Ewing.**

According to the MarketWatch and reports of OIL being in SURPLUS as of August 24, and “Gulf oil production will quickly return to normal” This $4+ gallon of gas is complete gauging. See for yourself:

Futures Movers: Oil futures slip as Isaac lands, inventories rise 

 SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Crude futures ended lower Wednesday after a weekly government report showed a surprise increase in inventories, and as concerns about Hurricane Isaac faded after the storm made landfall.

Oil for October delivery CLV2 -0.31%  lost 84 cents, or 0.9%, to settle at $95.49 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Oil has ended lower for four out of the past five sessions.

Prices started the day in the red and added to losses after the Energy Information Administration reported an increase of 3.8 million barrels in crude stockpiles for the week ended Aug. 24.

The EIA also reported gasoline inventories down 1.5 million in the week, and distillates supplies up 900,000 barrels.

The analysts surveyed by Platts had expected gasoline inventories to decline 2 million barrels and supplies of distillates to be unchanged.

Oil, gas eases as Isaac hits land

Crude futures fall as production in the Gulf of Mexico was expected to soon return to normal after Hurricane Isaac made landfall. Michael Casey has details. (Photo: AP)

Hurricane Isaac came ashore late Tuesday in southern Louisiana, and traders expect “oil production in the Gulf of Mexico will quickly return to normal,” analysts at Commerzbank wrote to clients.

Pissed? Yeah, you should be.  It’s just the oil companies taking advantage of a storm and raise the prices. I live next to a Marathon and a Thornton’s. As of 8 pm, Thornton’s was $3.98, and Marathon was still $3.69, until the tanker truck pulled in to refill, I am sure it is over the top today!

East end bridge path


Jesus, we finally broke ground in UTICA today, our Mayor digs his shovel in after 40 years of postulating about the damn thing.
All this Drumanard estate nonsense has been a 55 acre, 18 room Olmsted Brothers WASTE OF TIME.

Why? Because have you ever seen a completely stright road ANYWHERE? I mean besides the Salt Flats.
The estate in question, had all of the EGOS been put aside, would have  been a NONISSUE if they moved the line of the highway OVER, away from the grounds. Period. Its a pittance of a turn, through a winding road way anyway, and could have saved, oh 20+ years….and MILLIONS of $$

So easy. GEEZ. I can’t take it.

The bridge is already ruining 3 neighborhoods in the east end, why not take out more of the Harbors?
No one in the Harbors condominiums or the nearby ShadowWood neighborhood has any value left in their homes, and the whole ambiance is destroyed anyway.

A beautiful (modest 2 story) River Road home of a friend whose ‘working class parents’ cultivated for their family, is now abandoned and in shambles as it awaits demolition.

Another pal has a river “shack” literally, that happens to be in the bend that looks the entire river scape. “Take all the pictures you can now,” I told him.
Huh, he asked?
“Because the view is changing..”
“Ugh, true.” he sighs.

So CHEERS Mayor and your pundits for all your hard work in screwing over a bunch of happy landowners who worked hard for their homes and how have years of construction and a destroyed pastoral landscape to look forward to. Yay!

( PS: DO YOU REALLY THINK that the traffic into Prospect/Goshen/ Oldham county will be relieved by the Bridge? What about River Road traffic to the east end? How is 1-71 going to not be a death strip of disaster with the rush hour traffic?)

Did you guys even think this over?

Oh, right. We’ll see who takes responsibility for the traffic snarls in 5 years…

Insert Stevie Wonder voice “Isn’t she Lovely”