GE’s Hip, Cool, Green, Efficient Data Center

GE Appliances president Jim Campbell spoke of the company's investment in technology PHOTO: WHAS-TV

You may find it hard to get too excited about a Data Center, but the technology unveiled today at Appliance Park is big news for anyone concerned about energy efficiency, environmental impact, technology and economic impact for the city.

GE Appliances is making huge investments in Appliance Park, and today unveiled its new Data Center, touting its energy-efficiency, its special Platinum LEED-certification and a whole lot of state-of-the art technology. Check out all the details about the project, which involved re-using an existing factory building, at this link.

Rep. John Yarmuth and Mayor Greg Fischer were among the officials on hand as GE Appliances President Jim Campbell spoke about the six new appliance products coming out next year.  “Winning in these industries means delivering innovative products and services our customers want when and how they want them. That’s why we’ve made these investments,” Campbell said.

As Joe Arnold of WHAS-TV reported, the Data Center is one of the “most energy-efficient computing centers in the world.”