Get a Little exposure to Genius at the Frazier

I had some fun with this mirror contraption

I learned plenty yesterday during a tour of the DaVinci exhibit down at the Frazier History Museum, including the fact that Leonardo was tall (6-6), left-handed and really, really diversely talented. I don’t see how he did everything he did in one 66-year lifetime.

He came up with an idea for a parachute before there was this thing called flying, and his designs for helicopters were advanced. He was a pacifist, but designed machines used for killing people in war, like a primitive tank. There’s 10,000 feet of exhibits, including a room with extreme closeups of the Mona Lisa. But you can’t see it all in an hour. In fact, the audio tour that goes with it takes 1:40.

Its been on display since May, but leaves September 18.  Attendance hasn’t been all that great, so the Museum is enticing you with a great offer — Kids are free! Kids under 14 are free as long as one adult for every 4 kids pays the $18.50 admission.

And on the Museum’s Founder’s Day Sept. 3,  the Frazier is hosting Founders Day festivities along with the Slugger Museum. There will be a street party and a welcome for Troy Yocum, the Iraq War veteran who is walking across the country to support veterans.

Go to our Pulse of the City Facebook page for a chance to win a couple of FREE tickets.