Get a slice of Kern’s Kitchen’s Derby-Pie®, My Old Kentucky Homemade since 1954

From the closet to the kitchen, Derby is all about tradition, and one of the sweetest, most delectable examples is the one and only legendary Derby-Pie® made exclusively by Kern’s Kitchen. Introduced to the world’s taste buds more than 60 years ago at Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky, the chocolate nut pie has since become not only a tradition, but an icon of Derby season.

The original recipe remains a secret to this day and Kern’s Kitchen intends to keep it that way for years to come. This delicious pie is beloved and enjoyed year-round by locals, tourists and anyone who wants a taste of My Old Kentucky Homemade.

George Kern developed the famed recipe with help from his parents, Walter and Leaudra, back in 1954.   The Kerns took premium walnut pieces and real chocolate chips, folded them into a decadent filling and then baked it all in a delicate crust. The result was Derby-Pie®, a perfectly sweet, pleasingly rich pie with a light but sumptuous texture.

Few people know the exact recipe, which remains top secret even to this day. However, it is safe to assume that the Kern family baked a lot of love into each and every slice.

The original passion George and his parents used to create the Derby-Pie® lives on today. Kern’s Kitchen is still a Kern family-owned business dedicated to perfection. Walter and Leaudra grandson and great-grandson, Alan Rupp and Jon Rupp, respectively, currently oversee the Louisville-based company. Kern’s Kitchen produces and sells well over 100,000 Derby-Pies® every year. Every pie is individually handcrafted at Kern’s before being delivered to grocery stores, specialty retailers and restaurants for customers to enjoy.

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