Get in Touch with The Greatest


It’s a Holiday, and a good one. Rather than just enjoy the day off (if you work for the government), it’s a good day to visit the Muhammad Ali Center downtown. If you haven’t been, you’re missing one of the city’s best attractions. To celebrate the holiday, and the 69th birthday of “The Greatest”, there are special admission discounts. Take an old cell  phone down there and get in free. Otherwise it’s $2. The Center is presenting King’s “I Have a Dream” speech all day.

Ark Farce: experts lined up to scoff at attendance projections for the Ark Encounter amusement park in a C-J story.  My fave was from the editor of a theme park industry website:  “Frankly, anyone who believes that this park will draw 1.6 million visitors a year really does believe that the Earth was created in just six days.”

Marquette Miracle on Main: 5:44 left in the game, Cards down by 18.  And U of L won Saturday against Marquette.  If you had a ticket and left early, shame on you.  Seriously, if the point of going downtown for the game is to get out early and beat the traffic, you don’t deserve your seat.

Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence at the 2011 Golden Globes

Kammerer Alum News: Jennifer Lawrence, 20, went to Kammerer Middle School. Last night, she was up for a Golden Globe against Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman. Natalie Portman won.  From one of those red carpet reports:  “Jennifer Lawrence delighted in a black and grey Louis Vuitton gown.”

News at 41: Good news for Fox41’s Jennifer Baileys, who starts a regular anchoring gig with the new 6:30 newscast. More to come on that one.

Hard-Hearted?: Here’s why Kentucky is mired at the bottom of all those lists. Rep. Lonnie Napier of Lancaster is wasting everyone’s time in Frankfort by filing a bill that would require anyone on public assistance to take a drug test.  He doesn’t say how he’s going to pay for it, he just wants everybody to know that he thinks people getting government help are druggies, and wants them penalized.

What’s With That Tattoo?? It was a slow news day. WLKY did a story on a Highlands thief who hit two businesses within 24 hours, and maybe Lynn’s Paradise Cafe a month ago, where he didn’t get away with anything. But what’s that on Karri Hamlett’s chest?

Today’s Moment of Stupidity: “Hey Kids, Let’s go rob a store for smokes!” Two guys from Shepherdsville led police on a high-speed chase down I-71 Saturday after committing armed robbery at a Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet in Crestwood. According to this WHAS-TV report (by Brooke Katz), two kids aged 5 and 8 were in the back seat. Guess they couldn’t get a sitter.

Birthdays Today:  “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali is 69.  Local musician Peter Searcy is 43. And Brooke Katz, the lovely new WHAS-TV reporter who arrived in December, is 28.