Getting Dialed In for the Derby

If I were going to a workplace today, I’d have a good excuse for being late. Traffic all over the East End is backed up because the ramp to 64 at Hurstbourne is closed. Some idiot drove his car into a gun shop at 4 a.m. right at the interchange. On Watterson Trail in J-town, it was bumper-to-bumper for more than a mile at 9 a.m.

I Wonder Who God’s Got in the Derby:  A Kentucky politician says he decided to run for Lt. Gov. after “feeling God tugging on my heart to run for office.” Mike Harmon of Danville is Phil Moffett’s running mate in the GOP Governor’s primary.

War of Words Over Discretionary Funds: Let’s hope freshman Council member Jerry Miller doesn’t back down in calling for reducing the discretionary funds members can use at their whim. Miller, who’s got tons of government experience, was the target to this quote from caucus spokesman Tony Hyatt:   “Several members of our caucus dispute the need for cutting out discretionary funds because there are just so many uses that have been coming for NDFs over the years that Councilman Miller may not be aware of them.”

The Squid That Save Louisville: Read this Salon piece, which is about Goldman Sachs, that bursts the bubble that is the idea that the downtown arena saved our little town or that we taxpayers are off the hook for paying for it.

Not where Kyle Kuric wants to be seen

Make it Go Away: Just when we were trying to forget the impossible, Morehead State is putting up billboards touting its NCAA Tourney win over the Cards. Ouch

I Wouldn’t Call Him A “Star”: C-J headline — “Ex-Louisville star Derrick Caracter arrested for shoving cashier”  Head case, maybe. Star? Nope.

The Rick Reunion: Coach Pitino will announce, officially, that his son Richard is back on the bench at U of L in a press conference today.

All Quiet on the Richie Front: Who ever heard of a political candidate dodging reporters less than a month before the election? Richie Farmer, that’s who. After Dems called for him to pay back the $1,576 he spent to live it up at the Sweet 16 hoops tourney, Farmer is ducking interview requests.

Dialed In: It’s time to start paying attention to the Derby (11 days away) — the Horse race. John Asher currently Horses/expert-picks”>likes Dialed In. So I’m going with that.  Plus it’s fun to listen to Nick Zito.

When Deer Swim: Cool video from Fox 41 of deer swimming through flood waters.  Just a couple more days of rain, folks.