Getting My Swing Back the Right Way

When I played golf this year, I was hitting drives off the tee close to 300 yards.  I played better, hit the ball further, and enjoyed the game more than ever.  You might say I was pretty happy with myself.

Then I met Lenny Mello. Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, Lenny runs a program that helps guys like me play longer and better. As he explained to me, Titleist has a mission to keep people playing longer, so it created this training series for that purpose.

Sure, he has clients who are very young. He has female clients. But his bread-and-butter, he’ll tell you, is guys like me. At the headquarters of his business,  Pillar Health & Sport Performance, in the Louisville Tennis Club on Herr Lane, Lenny took me through a number of flexibility tests.

rs79LennyMelloLet’s just say I failed. At one point, Lenny said he’s not seen anyone whose movement was as restricted as mine. I got a report from those tests, I scored a 32. That’s low.

A typical “finding” — You have lost mobility and strength in the muscles that control the right shoulder blade and shoulder girdle.  This will lead to poor posture and limited range of motion in the right shoulder during your golf swing.

It’s natural for people to lose flexibility as we age. But you can do something about it. Lenny is one of 15,000 TPI-certified pros around the world, and he know what it’s going to take to improve my situation.

Now here’s the good news — Lenny says he can help me correct a lot of this and become a better golfer. We started a series of exercises on Friday designed to improve all the muscle groups that are inhibiting my golf swing.

And I think I can follow the plan and maybe even get back to playing racquetball. I’ll keep you posted.