Getting Run-Ruled Really Bites

I’ve been on the wrong side of my share of run-ruled games as a Little League coach. There’s nothing quite so discouraging in baseball as being on the wrong end of a 10-0 score after 4 innings, with the possible exception doing it in front of a national TV audience while fans in your hometown organize watch parties and local media are watching your every  move.

At least, though, much of the TV audience was lost or confused as Maria Sharapova was winning the second set in her match in Cincinnati against Jelena Jankovic, midway through a two-hour, 49-minute match that disrupted the ESPN2 plan to televise the game.  By the time a lot of folks found the game over on ESPN, the Kentucky team was down 5-0 and the day was essentially done.

The Little Leaguers from LaGrange take on Georgia at 4 today, with the loser going home. It’s on ESPN.

Other news from the weekend:

Calvin's jail photo

Jock in Jail: I’ve got some sympathy for Calvin Borel. The famed jockey blew a .08 on a breathalyzer when he was arrested in Evansville Saturday night at 10 p.m. On his 100-pound frame, it probably doesn’t take more than a single beer to do a .08.  And he was pulling into his hotel for the night. But he did break the law.

JCPS and Bad P.R.: Check out the spin the school board is putting on its decision to push for a rise in your property taxes — it’s not as much as they could ask for. I went to the School Board meeting last year, when they raised it by the maximum 4%, and there were citizens lined up to rant at the school board members in the wake of the disastrous opening of school. They’ll be trying to keep this one on the downlow.

Misleading Headline: The WDRB headline — Farmer speaks about divorce. But the Lt. Gov. candidate, who’s likely staying in town in a state-funded hotel room for the Fair, said only that “it’s a private matter . . . ” Last week a friendly Franklin County judge agreed to push the trial date in Farmer’s divorce back to Nov. 22, after the election, when Richie will have plenty of time to focus on meeting court-imposed deadlines.

Brigid’s Stuff: You may have heard that our own Brigid Kaelin is moving to Scotland.  I’m hoping she’ll share a few more posts with us. Meanwhile, if you want to buy some of her stuff, it’s for sale. Check it at her Facebook page.

A Courier Complaint: The news here is that C.D. Kaplan is still paying $17.75 a month for the daily paper. I think he and my Mom are the only ones left. But Chuck’s got a valid complaint about the paper’s new strategy to get a quarter from you. And he’s starting up his History Warp feature, worth a look.

Green Roof: It’s the hippest trend in city eco-circles. Today the Mayor will cut the ribbon on a green roof for the Federal Building downtown.

Great Day: Today’s the launch of the new Great Day Live! show on WHAS-TV. Terry Meiners, Rachel Platt, Angie Fenton. 9 a.m.

Me and Joe: I’ll be talking about all this stuff on Joe Elliott’s radio show today. I’ll be on at 1 on WGTK-AM 970. Tune in.