Gilt Designer Outlet opens for a month in Louisville


Louisville, Ky., – There are definitely some perks to helping out We were “cordially” invited to attend the VIP Preview of the new Gilt Designer Outlet in the Shelbyville Road Plaza. Free drinks and appetizers? I am so there.

Gilt has made a name for itself as an online shopping site where registered members can purchase high-end merchandise at discount prices. The company actually has a distribution center in Shepherdsville, but this is their first outlet store. But it’ll only be open until August 15th.

My husband and I made a date of it and decided we’d check it out, even though we were silly enough to do our July budget the night before and realized, well, let’s just say purchases would be at a minimum.

The outlet features two floors of products in a 26,000 square foot space.
The outlet features two floors of products in a 26,000 square foot space.

The VIP event turned out quite a crowd and the store had everything from shoes, to kitchen appliances, bed linens, furniture, clothes, some kids toys and even a Star Wars coffee table book! Oh, we so had our eye on that one. Sadly, a little boy nabbed it before us mature, grown-ups could get to it.

As for the prices, if you’re in need of various home stuffs, clothes and whatnot, the prices wouldn’t be a disappointment. There were a lot of clothing selections. As for the shoes, each box had to be opened to check inside and I just didn’t have the time or patience for that.

Some of the names we saw on the items included Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka John Varvatos, Ben Sherman and Missoni.

Gilt store

If you can’t make it to their outlet, you can easily register at their site,