Glutton (y) for Punishment! Obesity is a self for FILLING Prophecy!

America glamorizes gluttony, and we wonder why we are over weight, grossly I may add? When is enough, enough?You gorge your body with anything and everything and then reward yourself for it, or society does; only to surppress it temporarily. What do you do, you do it over, and over again? It’s some form of self inflicting punishment, and in a sick way you seem to enjoy it. You say you are miserable, but are you? At least not enough to change a few habits or get an emotion under control. Read more on behavior change here!

In some sick way you do this to yourself only to in the end be able to add one more reason or excuse to your list of why not to be or feel healthy.

I believe at the core of the obesity problem is a self for filling prophecy; life is a mirror they say. FDR said it best,  ” The one thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

On one hand we think too much and never do, on the other we never do because we are lazy too much.  Here are five things to do that will help you not glutton for punishment:

1. Food is not your savior! Recognize the emotion behind the bad habit.

2. You will eat tomorrow! Eat until you are comfortable!

3. Less is not more! Don’t skip meals, you will most likely over indulge!

4. Sweetness is not a virtue. Sugar is the silent killer, be careful what you can not see.

5. Being Fat is not pretty. Don’t be a victim, or feel sorry for yourself. Eat for fuel not for control!

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If you want something bad enough, you find a way to get or do it, correct?

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