“Goating” for broke at the NuLu Bock and Wurst Fest on Sat., March 23

“Goating” for broke at the NuLu Bock and Wurst Fest on Sat., March 23

The Spring 2024 issue of Food & Dining Magazine is now available in all the familiar places: Louisville area eateries and food shops, newsstands and online.

NULU Bock Fest is the modern reanimation of a springtime festival tradition dating to 19th-century German-American communities across the United States, rather like St. Patrick’s Day among our country’s Irish immigrants, but unlike the Hibernian fete, a celebration destined to fall out of favor following the twin whammies of the Great War and Prohibition.

Writing at LEO Weekly, editor-in-chief Erica Rucker offers this preview, including all the requisite dates, times, and activities. On Wed., March 20, “Hip Hops” will survey the Bock beer landscape.

Louisville’s Nulu Bock And Wurst Fest Kicks Off In March For 7th Year

The Nulu Bock and Wurst Fest returns on Saturday, Mar. 23 for the 7th year. The bock fest tradition began in the mid-19th century to mark the change of seasons when the beer, a dark German lager known as bock, was released after aging in the winter. Because of Nulu’s proximity to Nanny Goat Alley and Billy Goat Strut, it is the most fitting place for Bock Fest which includes Goat Racing, a wurst-eating competition, music...Read more