Good Speed and Drunk Monkeys in Louisville

Just finishing up a great weekend, capped off by a fascinating talk by Charles Venable this morning at the Breakfast of Champions about the way the Speed Museum’s grounds are going to look in about a decade. I’ll write something about that shortly, but now, the news:

Sports and the Future: I really wish I could go to this. Tonight in the Churchill Downs press box there’s a forum on the future of sports journalism with a high-powered panel — ESPN’s Pat Forde, the C-J’s Rick Bozich, Kent Taylor of WAVE and John Asher of Churchill Downs.  It starts at 7, and is free to the public, sponsored by the local SPJ.

Drunk Monkeys: If only the Monkey Wrench could afford this commercial during the news, we’d all be more entertained.

Election Day: Kentucky Democrats have little reason to go to the polls tomorrow, which is one reason Sec. of State Elaine Walker is predicting a turnout of less than 10 percent. I’m getting plenty of mail about Bobbie Holsclaw’s campaign, but this is a cakewalk for David Williams in the GOP primary for governor. Fireworks to come.

Who’s He Running Against: Williams seems to be banking on two issues — social issues like abortion, and blaming the Jefferson County Teachers Association (see spot below) for the problems in the Jefferson County schools. Don’t buy his argument that he can change the system and make sure your child goes to a neighborhood school.

The Perk-meister: Sounds like an interesting episode of Perkey’s People, if you can get WKYI-TV, 138 on Insight. Wayne will be interviewing Rob Samuels of Maker’s Mark, entrepreneur Don Burch and the singer Rick Bartlett.

Of course they’re guilty of gouging: A Franklin Circuit Court is hearing arguments by Marathon to attorney general Jack Conway’s claim that Marathon is gouging customers after the price of gas around here went up .30 in one night.  The hearing was set for today, but it’s now been pushed back to Thursday. Marathon, of course, isn’t speaking to the media, allowing local attorney Sheryl Snyder to take the brunt of the bad P.R.

What’s Up with Frank Faris?: The former Genny’s Diner proprietor was arrested Saturday after trying to enter that creepy old house on Frankfort Avenue a day after the sale was completed to the new owners of the Comfy Cow.  Fox41 interviewed Frank’s girlfriend, who said he thought he still had 30 days to move out.  He was charged with criminal trespassing and 3rd degree assault for attacking an undercover officer.

Eat Out for a Good Cause: At O’Shea’s on Baxter tonite at 6, you can listen to Leigh Ann Yost sing a few songs and enjoy a burger and a beer, with some of the proceeds going to Harbor House, an adult day care center and an excellent cause.