Good Vibrations

We have in our culture and language examples such as “we resonated”, “the vibe was bad”, “good vibrations”, “on the same wavelength”, “in sync”… All suggest our recognition that vibrations and frequencies are visceral, they influence how you feel and who you spend time with – or not, including yourself!

My intentions are:
• To remind you that you already know that vibrations have an impact on you
• To introduce you to the many local Sound Healing practices and practitioners
• To get you to experiment with Sound Healing – you truly only “get it” through the sensory experience

I am finding that this will require multiple blogs as we have so many expert local Sound Healing practitioners and modalities available. Stay tuned in!

More of what you may already know
On New Year’s Eve in a bar I put a large balloon from the 2009 decoration around my waist. As an unexpected and delightful surprise I felt the tickling vibrations from the music in the balloon circling me. The vibrations in the air were matched in the balloon.

A “Scientific” exploration of this Phenomenon
If one object vibrating at a certain frequency is brought near another object that has the same natural frequency, the second object can be made to vibrate as well. This is most obvious with musical instruments. AND it may explain the good feeling you get when you are around certain people. They may be vibrating at a frequency that matches, is higher than, or is a frequency that you are missing and need.

A Visual Demonstration of the effects of Sound
Have you heard that an opera singer can break a crystal glass? It is not a myth. To break the glass the singer must duplicate the exact note matching the resonance frequency of the crystal glass. This “excites” the vibrations in the glass, bombarding the molecules within it and displacing air molecules. The glass is stretched beyond its elastic limit, its capacity to vibrate, and it shatters.

Exciting the Vibrations in the Glass?
Yes, glass has vibrations! Actually everything has a vibration, including humans. Sound, Frequency and Vibration are energy and energy is matter.
With E = mc2, Einstein proved that all matter vibrates. Everything in the world, every molecule, every atom, every cell, is comprised of frequency at its fundamental core.

Spelling it Out
When you understand that everything, all matter, words and thoughts have a frequency and vibrate, then you can take the small leap of understanding that a change in the frequency can change the vibration and thus the matter.

Ancient History
Indigenious peoples have been using vibrations (think drums, rattles, voices) for facilitating healing of the body, mind and spirit for 30,000 years! I was also told that in the early days, tuning forks were used by the medical industry. Hummmmm.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners refer to this specific form of energy medicine as Sound Healing.

There are many tools used for Sound Healing work. The main ones include the human voice, tuning forks, tibetan bowls, sound software, crystal bowls, rattles, didgeridoos, drums, etc. Additionally we have a relatively rare SoundWave available locally.

The frequency of the harmonic is the activating force. Each practitioner is trained and or intuits the tool and frequency that will facilitate the changes needed in your vibration for your health. It is custom to you and the moment you are in.

Focus AND Intention make a vibration a Healing Sound, differentiating it from just noise or an unremarkable vibration.

Sound Healing 101
Sound Healing is a simple, non-invasive, do it yourself, or hire an expert, way to re-train your nervous system to rest, regardless of what is occurring in your life. Specific sounds, used with focus and intention, can facilitate a global change in the nervous system; switching you from sympathetic fast paced adrenal pumping mode to parasympathetic creative, renewal, regenerative and restful mode.

The Human
Humans have an energy field of vibrations. When in a state of health, you resonate in harmony (resonance). When one or more of your vibrations dwindles or becomes toxic, disease and/or weakness results. A diseased human vibrates in disturbed patterns (dissonance).

How Sound Healing Works
While the cause may be complicated, the introduction of the needed missing vibrations from externally created sound can penetrate into the cells of the body, causing them to harmonically reorganize themselves through a phenomenon called entrainment, i.e. the body, mind or spirit affected will copy the rediscovered frequencies and begin to produce them on their own.

As sound waves “touch” peripheral cells, these cells in turn touch adjoining cells creating harmonic resonance (think musical instruments or my balloon). This is made possible by the high water content (is your body hydrated?) of the body’s tissues as well as the crystalline structure of human bones, blood, DNA, and the human brain.

The body rejoices at re-acquiring the lost or diminished frequencies, and healing often results.

Sensory experience Required
The next opportunity to experience a local Sound Healing event is this Saturday Feb 12 with Tom Isaacs. He will be hosting a crystal bowl and toning event. See the end of the article for Events.

About Crystal Bowls
The bowls are 98.9% silicon quartz crystal and each bowl is attuned to a specific note. (Specific notes relate to body parts and disease symptoms). Tom works with 10 to 13 bowls, providing lots of frequencies for your body’s rebalancing.

crystal bowls white
Crystal Bowls

The sound waves are the equivalent of alpha brainwave patterns associated with deep sleep and lucid dreaming. The vibrations facilitate access to your intuition, imagination, and creativity.

Once balanced, the whole body, mind and spirit can move in the direction of health and well-being. You will feel the buzz!

My first experience with Tom and his bowls was a Saturday night many years ago. I was looking for something to do – my usual option at that time was to go to a bar to dance. When I heard of the Crystal Bowl Meditation I was thrilled. Louisville has a plethora of ways to experience good vibrations!

See below for practitioners and upcoming Sound Healing events.

Thanks for tuning in to this frequency!

Mollie Yunker
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Let the Healing Begin!

© Copyright, Mollie Yunker, 2011

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Toning with Crystal Bowls
Saturday February 12th, 7:30pm
An exploration into group harmonics
Bring blankets if needed
Tom Isaacs, 502-417-3710
107 Crescent Avenue

Drum for Fun Evening!
Saturday February 19, 6-9pm
with Bob Laake, $10.00 /$5 for under 12

Crystal Bowl Meditation
Saturday February 19, 8pm
Arrive between 7:30 and 7:55 to set up, bring blankets and pillows. By Donation
Center for Integrative Health, 105 Lyndon Lane

Healing Drum Spiritual Celebration
Sunday February 20, 1-3:30pm
Ceremony and healing drum session with Bob Laake. $10

Shamanic Drumming Circles
1st weekend/month: Fridays at 6:30pm & Sundays at 1:30pm
with Barbara Bloecher 502-261-9863, Fisherville, Ky


Margie Beatty, Energy Vitality Tuning Fork Healing

Barbara Bloecher, Shamanic Practitioner, Healer & Teacher

Rose Howard, Aromatherapy & Tuning Forks

Tom Isaacs, Crystal Bowl Meditations

Hethyrre Knack, Transformational Healer

Bob Laake, Master Drummer

Anne Lindstrom, SoundingsPlus Practitioner

Emma Wallace, Specializing in working with animals

Nanci Wesling, Sacred Toning, Tuning Forks, Drumming, Essences