GOP–Trump? Nope! Romney? Best Bet!

Normally I write about statewide politics, but every so often I like to veer over to the national side when things become interesting. That hasn’t happened yet, but in Kentucky nothing interesting is happening politically either, so I opt for the lesser of two evils here.
Where to begin? Donald Trump. Normally the name alone would cause me to throw things and change TV channels, but with the Trumpster’s recent foray to the political fringe, I just can’t resist the urge. Trump will not run for President. He, like Sarah Palin, craves and basks in the attention. He has also done his part to keep the birther crazies alive. Not to say I didn’t warn some folks that this would not just go away. As long as there are novice candidates like Trump who don’t know the first thing about what they’re doing politically, the birther nutjobs will remain. Hopefully on the fringes, but one can never tell. Also, I really have no desire to see a man who has billions–yet has declared bankruptcy twice–lead this country.
Trump and Palin have one other thing in common. Desire, or lack of desire to put in the actual work it takes to become President. You have to LABOR to be elected, and for what? Not much money compared to what either of them already have. You have to have the heart to go hard after the job, and neither of them have ever exhibited that quality.
So, who does the GOP turn to? It has to be Mitt Romney. He’s got the name, the persona and real success as a Governor in implementing a Health Care plan. This is such a no-brainer for Republicans, I suspect they’ll find some way to screw it up before the convention next year. In the meantime, national GOP leaders need to run from the Tea Party, and birthers, toward Romney and the middle ground as fast as they possibly can. if they can reposition the GOP toward the middle, and if the economy doesn’t get more robust within the next three months, Obama could be in real trouble, but only if Romney is the guy running against him.
As for Trump? He says he’ll make an announcement about his future during the season finale of “The Apprentice”. Well if that’s the case then his answer is no he’s not because guess what? It’s against Federal campaign laws to announce a candidacy on a show you own or host. Unless da Donald is already thinking he’s smarter than the electorate AND the Feds.