Governor Chicken Tucks Tail Again

Beshear is avoiding scenes like this one. PHOTO: AP/Ed Reinke

There may be nothing we can do about it, but I sure am disappointed in Gov. Steve Beshear, who seems so afraid of being seen in public with David Williams that he’s given up the pretense of making up excuses for not showing up.

Last night’s KET Debate, in which the topic was education, would seem an ideal opportunity for the Governor to tout his policies, given they’re in such sharp contrast to his opponents. And traditionally the KET Debates are the ones that get the most attention — a statewide TV audience and a chance to engage the public.

But Beshear simply told organizers that he would not be able to attend. He’s been skipping debating opportunities as a political strategy, knowing that Williams’ campaign isn’t gaining ground, especially with more media attention being heaped upon Williams’ gambling habits and expensive tastes in TVs purchased at taxpayer expense. And then there’s Williams’ choice as a running mate, Richie Farmer, which has helped him (questionably) only among die-hard UK basketball fans.

Beshear’s probably going to win, since Williams is an unpopular candidate who can’t get any traction in the polls. But Beshear, and by association his running mate Jerry Abramson, is an embarrassing leader who has done nothing to earn a second term.

I don’t see much that Beshear’s done to earn it. His original campaign pledge, to get gaming legalized to bring in more money, hasn’t and isn’t going to happen. Beshear has simply done what Williams has been saying in his stump speech — nothing. The fact that the state hasn’t gone completely bankrupt is about the best thing you can say about Beshear’s term.

Before we give Beshear another four years, and give Abramson his first shot as a statewide officeholder, it’d be nice to see Beshear take on his opponents in a fair fight.

I think I’ll be voting for Gatewood. He makes the most sense.