Green: Losing Friends by Trying to Influnce People

James Green launched an attack on Jim King

So now we know Judy Green’s strategy to try and keep her seat on the Metro Council.

Yesterday, as WFPL’s Philip Bailey reported, Green started lobbying her colleagues for support, cornering them in Council meetings pleading her case. That didn’t go over well, especially with Madonna Flood, who told her, basically, to shut up.

And Council president Jim King told council members not only that they weren’t to discuss the Green case with media, but that they shouldn’t discuss it with Green, either.

So Green came up with a story that was aired on WLKY, claiming that King has been out to get her, urging her previously-quiet husband James to evoke racist language in peddling a story that King is on a mission to remove her.  He even said they complained to the Kentucky Human Rights Commission about King, though there’s no record of it.

But Green’s most dramatic foretelling of her innocence, and her willingness to drag her colleagues down with her, came during a sit-down interview at Fox41 with reporter Stephan Johnson, who grilled her with the facts already made public in the case, while Green denied she’d done anything wrong, despite the findings of fact by the Ethics Commission.

“I have not done anything wrong; I have not mismanaged, misused or enriched myself with anything,” she said. But simply saying the same thing repeatedly does not make it true.

Green also is using the “everybody else does it” defense, pointing out that a council member was found to have bought beer with her discretionary money.

By deciding to go down fighting, she’s alienating her colleagues, despite the fact that she announced to the media that her colleagues would hear her story and support her. Unfortunately, for taxpayers, the process is going to take at least 2 months, and she is entitled, by law, to a legal defense in the cases — the expense for which may surpass the amount she’s misused in her job.