Green Resigns–Do The Right Thing

Green, finally, did the right thing.

That’s more than the title of a Spike Lee film, it should be the mantra every politician lives by. It’s also what Judy Green finally did last week after saying for weeks she would not resign her Metro Council seat in the wake of multiple ethics charges.

Green and her supporters held several rallies including one just 14 hours before she finally did the right thing and quit. During that rally Green claimed she was being crucified, and was compared to Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ several times. Cries of racism filled the air for weeks because Green was being held accountable for misconduct and misappropriation of funds.

Oh by the way, Green’s case was also called a lynching by several of those in attendance at said rally and at various other times during the ethics probe.

Several things should now be noted. The body charged by Louisville Metro Council with investigating Green included three African-Americans among the seven members. The vote to expel her from the council was unanimous. Others claim Green’s removal will leave her District One constituents without proper representation. True-but hasn’t Green’s conduct while serving also left those same citizens without proper representation?

Merely being elected does not give anyone the right to break the law or rules, while claiming you are actually doing the right thing DESPITE the law? In other words, Green and her fans claim her reallocation and rerouting of public money may have violated the letter of the law, but claim it went where the money was really needed. Nope–can’t have it both ways. Do the right thing.

Green and company also charged that she was singled out and unjustly accused. Well, an independent auditor verified all the misuse of dollars and Green had ample opportunity to present evidence and witnesses. She presented not one shred of evidence disproving her guilt. And for all the support she seemed to have, not one person stepped forward to testify on her behalf. Dr. Green was given every chance for due process to work for her. Every chance for witnesses to help her. Every chance to do the right thing. Finally she did last Thursday.

To use race as the issue in this case is repugnant to me and should be to anyone who knows anything about this case. Green was given every opportunity to utilize the freedoms she has under law. the freedoms fought for by King, Abernathy, and all those who fought for civil rights in this country. I will not claim the U.S. is as racially enlightened as it should be. I know that is not the case, but to claim racism in this instance and have absolutely no basis in fact is despicable.

It cannot be called anything else. To use the terms lynching and crucify are not only wrong but intentionally inflammatory. That is an example of not doing the right thing.