Hard Part Starting For Fischer

I think the P.R. campaign waged by NPR is working. Today I answered phones for a couple of hours down at Louisville Public Media, and plenty of callers expressed anger that the funding for programming might be in danger.  LPM’s “Campaign for Independence” is about halfway to its $650K goal. And it got good news from D.C. today.

Fischer is 100 days in

Honeymoon Now Over: Greg Fischer’s celebrating 100 days in office, and pretty soon he’s going to have to start dealing with a tight budget and maybe actually have to cut some things, and he hasn’t ruled out jobs. I say get to it, Greg. If you missed it, check out Dave Houvenagle’s piece on Councilman Brent Ackerson’s newsletter, asking residents where to cut costs.

An App for That: The Derby Festival has an iPhone App, but I’m not that impressed.  It mostly takes you to KDF pages on events.

Thunderous for Allofus: All this rain will make for a muddy mess down on the Waterfront Saturday. This year, the rotating system adopted by local TV stations lands on WLKY-TV, which is having quite a year for major TV-watching events . . . college hoops, the Masters, and all those highly-rated CBS programs.

Seriously, Earthquake Drills: That’s right, your JCPS is conducting earthquake drills today. Students will be required to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” when a warning is signaled.  Then they’ll go outside to goof off for a while. Whose idea was this?

$50 to Fill Up: For the price of a tank of gas, you can spend Saturday at the Park Place party. Next to Browning’s at Slugger Field, there will be plenty of  free food and non-alcoholic drinks. You have to pay for beer and mixed drinks. And the bathrooms will be clean. Kids under 12 get in for $25.

Why Richie Can’t Take Those Furlough Days: As the C-J reports, this divorce is going to be costly for Richie Farmer, and not just politically.  A Frankfort judge is likely to give Rebecca Farmer a pile of Richie’s money, starting today.

More GOP Dirt: The Kentucky Democratic Party is holding a press conference today to reveal “explosive new information on the financial disclosures of Republican gubernatorial nominees State Senator David Williams and Phil Moffett.” Sounds like somebody thinks Bobbi Holsclaw has a chance in the GOP primary.

No Money in Politics?: Yes, there’s a primary election in a little over a month, and I’ve yet to see a political ad on TV. That’s bad news for local stations, and experts expect a record low turnout. The only race with any intrigue is the Republican primary for Gov. and Lt. Gov., and David Williams and Richie Farmer have a huge name-recognition advantage.

You can do Time for that: A trial date has been set for former Louisville housing director Kimberly Bunton, accused of stealing money from her department and paying it to her Mom, who also faces felony charges.  She could get five years.

Let’s Play Two! A rare rainout at Slugger Field last night is good news for baseball fans — the Bats and Columbus will play a doubleheader tonight.