Have a Rusty Little Christmas


It’s three days until Christmas, and I’ve only got a few more gifts to get. I found the perfect time for shopping this weekend.

I showed up at Target on Saturday night. It wasn’t crowded at all.

First, I figured the whole data breach scare would keep a lot of paranoid shoppers away from that store. Then I went during a tornado/thunderstorm warning, about 10 p.m. Those two factors combined to create a situation in which I had the place almost to myself. I left in time to pop into Dick’s Sporting Goods just before it closed at 11.

Of course, if you’re on my list, you’re likely getting a Rusty Satellite t-shirt this year. I’ve ordered a bunch, and if you would like one, get in touch with me Monday or Tuesday and I’ll make you a nice deal.

Here’s a big thank you to Jason Smith, who advises me on all things web-by and is the Rusty Satellite Show’s head t-shirt designer. As for the great-looking model, well, Paula sure makes the t-shirt look good.

This week’s Rusty Satellite Show is a memorable one — my guests are Courier-Journal executive editor Neil Budde and WLKY-TV general manager Glenn Haygood. You should listen up here: