Hello Summer Festival: Live and Local

Tie Dye. Music festival. Anyone else getting deja vu?

Hello Summer is the latest addition is Louisville’s local cultural landscape—a festival featuring local bands and local artists—and it’s happening August 5th, at Cherokee Park. The festival is the first production of Louisville’s CiPit Productions, and headlining are Cameron Sharp, “Carpe Noctum”, Alison’s Escape, Yo’majesty, and the Eracists. Others will be announced soon, I’m told.

Local artists, like Jeremy Lewis, will also be displaying their works for sale—everything from canvas paintings to hand-made, one of a kind purses (shiny!).

Local comedians Tyler Jackson and Lindsay Boling will be hosting the event. (Wait, we have comedians? Cool.)

Families and groups of friends will find this is the perfect sort of outing—load up a picnic basket of snacks, spread out a blanket in the park, and enjoy the music! Since the festival is at Hogan’s Fountain, there are grills, a playground, cornhole, and other activities close by.

(This is one of those alcohol-free events, ya’ll, so save the buzz for later!)

If you’re wondering why those crazy kids have been wearing tie-dye shirts lately, this would be why—the festival has hand-made t-shirts for sale.

College students and wallet-clutchers, this event is easy on the coin purse—tickets are only $7.00.

If you like this kind of thing, Hello Summer is looking for festival staffers to help out with the festival—ticket takers, security, set-up, break-down, and the like. It’s a pretty sweet deal for volunteers—meals are provided, staff get special access and an extra ticket for a friend. Volunteer here!

If not, that’s cool. You’d rather just check out these local bands everyone has been talking about. Tickets are on sale at Herb Import Company on Barret Ave, or you can just call (765) 570 FEST.

You know I’ll be there. I need to hear these comedians—and I could use a new bag. Come see me!