Here We Go Again!

Ready for a Great Ride
Let's have a great ride!

This is exciting.

While you may find some of my writing to be laced with sarcasm, I assure that I’m sincere in this case. I have big plans for, and sincerely hope you’re up for joining me and some great local writers on what promises to be a great ride. is going to be a great local resource for local news and information on all sorts of subjects. Just look at the topics banner above and you’ll see that we are ambitiously determined to cover a variety of topics in a style we hope you like.

I’m especially excited about getting back to being a self-proclaimed  media critic, so I’ll be watching newscasts, reading local publications and trying to keep up with the people and organizations that make this city’s news.  Of course, I like to write about politics as well, and sports and business and sustainability, etc. You’ll get my takes on all this in my daily round-ups — my chance to make wisecracks about the people dominating the day’s headlines.

You’ll get some serious journalism on this site as well. As an independent media outlet, there’s a great opportunity to dig in and report on stories of our choosing.  Doing that, of course, requires good sources. So I’ll be counting on you, dear reader, to get in touch with me if you’ve got a story you think deserves telling. And please participate by commenting on stories that you see here. I’ll do my best to keep it lively, and civil.

Mostly, though, this site is about my hometown as told by some of the people who know it best. There’s a great lineup of experts who know how to tell a story, spark a conversation online and uncover truth.

It’s Day One. Let’s make it a great one!