Here’s a Heuser Health Update

Peggy Heuser at Mellwood with me

Many of you have followed my progress in getting healthy with Peggy Heuser of Heuser Health. Here’s an update:

In early March 2018, I met with Peggy Heuser to get the results of the blood work she’d ordered for me.

I had not had a physical or been to a doctor for more than three years. In 2015, I had fusion surgery done on my right ankle. Having been a serious athlete before that, I had stopped most activity. As a result of that, and an unhealthy diet, I had become obese and that day weighed 229 on her scale.

The bad news got worse. My blood work revealed that my A1C level put me in the range for diabetes. Other numbers were not positive for my overall health.

Peggy made it clear that I was heading in the wrong direction. Rather than putting me on a medical plan to treat the diabetes, she prescribed a combination of diet and exercise, plus some supplements, that she believed would put me back on a healthy path.

I immediately began attending one-hour exercise classes at her Mellwood facility, combining cardio, strength and core exercises. She spent more than an hour teaching me, and my girlfriend, about the right foods to prepare at home, how to order at restaurants and what food to give up immediately.

She also put me on some supplements — fish oil, theracurmin, Vitamin D and aspirin. She prescribed a testosterone cream applied to my scrotum daily. I also took DHEA. For the first three months, we checked my blood work and adjusted the amounts of these medications for optimum results.

I saw immediate positive results. Within a month, I was in a safe zone for diabetes. I lost significant inches off my waist, going from squeezing into 36-inch pants to a comfortable new 32-inch pants. My weight dropped steadily, to 213 by the end of March, to 209 in April, 201 in May, 197 in June, 194 in July, to 191 in August. I’ve been steady around 190 since then.

I was able to maintain and grow muscle with the program. I reduced my body fat percentage by 10 percent. I elevated my Basal Metabolic Rate, burning more calories and allowing my body more calories to eat or to burn for more weight loss.  I am now in a normal lean mass to body fat ratio.

My blood work was checked monthly for the first three months, then less frequently. Each time, I improved in all key measurements.

Most importantly, I’ve felt physically better, with more energy. I’ve returned to playing competitive sports and sleep better. I even stopped snoring.  I continue to attend the exercise classes, and make sure I’m eating a healthy diet.

Thanks to the lessons I’ve learned, I eat in a healthy way, having given up plenty of my favorites, like fast food, bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes and most sugar.  Instead, I eat fruits and vegetables primarily.

My success couldn’t have happened without Peggy’s encouragement, and I’m pleased that she believed that I could overcome the diabetes without special medication.