Here’s News of Running, Boel, Beshear and Poor Karen Sypher

How about some good news?

A Water Tower solar eclipse

Yesterday I went to the Water Tower for a little shindig celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the Pure Tap water program. The Mayor was full of quips, and Greg Heitzman patted everyone on the back from a bunch of politicians to the guy who thought up Pure Tap to Water Company employees like my frat bro Jim Grunow. . . Then Sports Commission honcho Karl Schmitt announced some actual news — that the Water Company is jumping in to sponsor a 5K race along with its Half-Marathon in November.  .  . Then the hundred or so folks on hand had some Roibee Red Tea and Graeter’s Ice Cream made with local H2O. . .

It’s just a couple of weeks until(my birthday) and the Louisville Ironman Triathlon on Aug. 28. Guess who’s in training and says he’s in the best shape of his life? An alcohol-free John Boel, the former WLKY-TV anchor.  Boel, in an email this week, told me he’s finishing up a book he’s written and training up to 6 hours a day for the Ironman. He recently picked up a couple of Emmys to bring his career total to 70. Yet it’s puzzling that no local GM is yet willing to hire him. As Boel wrote, “When you consider I’ve won 70 emmy’s as an alcoholic, it’s exciting to think about what I can do now.”

Today is 8-1-1 Underground Facility Protection Day. This is the kind of thing your government does with its idle time. Here’s a link to the fancy document, 811 proclamation FINAL.  Somebody, somewhere, is getting paid to come up with this stuff.

The Governor has a new TV ad, one that proclaims he’s got nothing to do with the mess in Washington. Instead, he takes credit for “We’ve tightened our belt in a fiscally responsible way.  To which the woeful David Williams camp responded by saying,  “He wants everyone to believe he’s above-the-fray while at the same time his allies are launching the first false and extremely negative attacks of this race. . . ”

Here’s the spot:

If you’re worried about your young’un getting on the right bus Monday, JCPS has set up a phone number you can call (485-RIDE). Hope they have it all staffed up for all those angry parents who will be calling.

Best Thing in this week’s LEO: Steve Shaw’s open letter to Mayor Fischer, criticizing him for his media relations in dealing with knocking down a historic building on Main Street and the way he communicated news of the dismissal of Metro Animal Services’ Jackie Gulbe

Poor Karen Sypher. Her new attorney says she’s being treated unfairly in a Florida prison, “being denied medicine and proper sleeping arrangements.” I hear she’s being denied hair coloring, too. And get this — she’s appealing her conviction, of course, and also asking Sen. Rand Paul for help.

A New Hire: Scott Adkins, a Ball State grad who’s been reporting at the ABC affiliate in Evansville for three years, will be joining WAVE-TV’s news crew for its fall morning show debut, according to a source.

Your local birthdays: Lovely WDRB-TV morning anchor Lindsay Allen, WAVE-TV Noon anchor Lori Lyle and Kendrick Haskins of WAVE’s sports department.