Hip Hops: Tell me what you remember about Fat Cat’s Deli & Pub

<div>Hip Hops: Tell me what you remember about Fat Cat’s Deli & Pub</div>

Talk about a buzz kill.

Every time you recall a memory it has changed from the original experience. Whatever has happened since has influenced your retelling of that moment. We are not static animals; we’re fluid processes continually remembering the past differently dependent upon the situation. You feel like the same person that woke up yesterday, but from a neurological perspective it’s not quite you. The continuum of identity is likely a survival trait that enables us to function within societies, but as the Buddha knew, identity is an illusion. A highly elaborate one that persists for decades (or even a century), but a ruse nonetheless.

And yet we persist in the continuum, indulge the illusion and humor the ruse, as I’m about to do shortly with memories of a particular beer bar that helped forge my own professional identity, then disappeared in the pea soup haze of recollection.

But first, recently I ran across one man’s view of “5 Habits of Highly Successful Beer Bars.” Here’s the condensed version.

1. Knowledgeable Waitstaff
2. Up-To-Date Beer Menu
3. Cleanliness/Maintenance
4. Serving Temperature
5. Glassware

At this point in time there...Read more