Hip Hops: The devil’s in the Wien tale

Hip Hops: The devil’s in the Wien tale
No beer walking through the flowers, according to the sign, although crawling is not expressly forbidden (Vienna 2006).

Are you an owner or manager of an establishment that serves draft beer? If so, is the random chaos model of draft beer selection making you dizzy? It doesn’t have to be this way. Read my latest blog post here: “Business of Better Beer: Draft beer selections benefit from thoughtful guiding principles.”

Is the term “beer walk” a synonym for “pub crawl”?

I’m not so sure, and it’s a question of more than academic interest to me, given my presumed job as chronicler of the beer cosmos.

“Beer walk” quite pleasingly implies that beer, as opposed to chardonnay, scrumpy or hard seltzer, is to be the prime focus of a stroll undertaken for the express purpose of consuming portions of it.

Fair enough, although “beer walk” neither tells us the sort of beer likely to be consumed, nor specifically refers to a bricks and mortar venue. As such, and while engaged in beer walking, exactly how does the activity unfold?

Will one be skipping between Styrofoam coolers strategically placed at intervals along a beach, a stretch of rain forest...Read more