Hit-and-Run Driver Leaves Scene

Herre’s what’s got me thinking or scratching my head today. . .

PATRIOT GAME: Tonight a team of police officers will take on fireman in a game of hoops downtown. It’s a $10 ticket, but the money goes to a great cause — the Healing Place. Our own Billy Reed is a board member. A few years back, the event also featured a media team coached by Reed taking on ringers from the Metro Council. I was on the media squad, and we stunk. I miss that.

Hit by a car after midnight, Chad Newton is lucky to be alive

Another Bike Hit-an-Run: This is disturbing. A 26-year-old man was riding his bike home from work at Rubbie’s in the South End. He was hit by a car near Inverness and Southside Drive, and the driver took off. It was after midnight, so no one saw the car that hit him. And Chad Newton is lucky to be alive. Let’s hope someone comes forward and points out the driver. WLKY got a bedside interview that’s difficult to watch. 

One-Upping at Rupp: Over in Lexington, planners feel they have to come up with something to top Louisville’s Yum! Center.

Richie Steals a Fridge: I konw it’s just politics, but why did Richie Farmer have to stock his home office with state-purchased stuff? I think Richie’s regretting his decision to hook up with David Williams — he’s going to lose, and he’s had to endure a ton of well-deserved scrutiny.

It’s a Love Story: Check out our own Al Mayo’s amazing love story.

Finally, Judy Be Gone: We’ll be getting rid of Judy Green, for now, once her removal hearing gets underway next week. All of a dozen or so people are making noise in support of her, but she can’t even come up with basic documents under a subpoena. And she’s making it a racial issue, something this city doesn’t need.

The Paper: There’s a new paper in town, called The Paper. It’s all good news about culture and stuff.

Against the Merger: It’s no secret the C-J is not in favor of the University Hospital merger.

Whiskey Row Mural: George Garvin Brown gets his due on Whiskey Row.