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OK, so maybe I’ve been goofing off. . . a little.  But here we are in June and the weather is back to HOT. And there’s plenty of stuff to discuss here at LouisvilleKY.com.

They found these bad guys in Bowling Green

At Least They Weren’t Going to Western: Why the hell were two Iraqis with plans to send weapons and cash to Iraq living in Bowling Green? Was it because that’s where Rand Paul is from? As for the reporting, a check of Bowling Green TV and newspaper coverage seems to be lacking. Neither reported anything about where in Bowling Green the two terrorists were living.

They’d been living in Bowling Green since 2009. WBKO, the local station, did an interview with a woman who had lost her husband in Iraq, which seemed a stretch. Had that happened here, I’d think a reporter would have found a neighbor who knew or had seen the two Iraqis.

More Woes at Sixth and Browdway: Were there really a round of staff cuts at the local newspaper yesterday, as predicted by Insider Louisville?  There’s no doubt things aren’t getting better.  There’s this, from Gannett Blog, a few weeks back. . . “Wages at the Kentucky paper have been frozen; only a handful of employees will receive pay increases, based solely on merit, and drawn from a pool set aside for raises. . .”

On the Other Hand: If you want to read a great piece of fiction about the demise of the newspaper business, pick up Pete Hamill’s book, “Tabloid City.”

Jobs, Jobs, Yawn: Today the Mayor speaks to the Venture Club at Noon, promising he “Will unveil his plans for creating jobs.” Cool. I saw the Mayor at the Hike, Bike and Paddle event Monday (a record 8,000 bikers) but he wasn’t riding with us, choosing instead to paddle. Jerry Abramson was there too, but he decided to do the walk instead of riding to Iroquois Park.

Our Favorite Teacher: This story won’t go away. Former Manual High science teacher Carrie Shafer was indicted by a grand jury in Louisville. The charge: custodial interference and misdemeanor unlawful transaction with a minor. That’s a felony. But it looks like there might be a settlement this week.

And Good News at School: JCPS is touting increased retention rates, i.e. fewer high schoolers are dropping out and missing school. New stats show the dropout rate in JCPS dropped nearly a percentage point and 20 of 21 high schools are moving in the right direction. Still, 5% of high schoolers drop out? Seriously?

My Favorite Headlines: “Parent Leave Child in Hot Car During Strip Club Visit.” From Fox41. Turns out the 43-year-old Mom and 28-year-old Dad were hanging out at Deja Vu, celebrating his release on home incarceration for an offense in Clark County. The kicker: “Both suspects had allegedly been drinking.” duh.