How Branding Can Drive Your Retail Store To Success

For businesses operating in the retail sector, competition is always growing. Therefore, it’s essential to get noticed and make sure that the branding game is strong. There are lots of ways to build a brand that gets recognized, drive foot traffic and communicate with customers. From using strong colors that become associated with your brand to using advertising creatively, below are some ideas to help kickstart a new retail store towards success or to transform an existing’s stores branding.

Build A Strong Brand Identity

A brand identity should be at the forefront of priorities when it comes to setting up any retail store. No customer is going to be attracted into the space without an enticing brand that makes them want to shop there. Studies have shown that more than half of shoppers, around 64%, establish relationships with brands due to sharing values with them.

Brand identity should be focused on how a customer identifies with a store and how a shopping experience there fosters this. Consistency and impact are the two main elements to consider here; communication containing the brand must always remain the same. A unified message is most powerful, and that’s exactly how branding should be treated from a retail perspective. Less really is more in the world of branding, and with a strong design concept from the get-go, a business is likely to succeed.

Why Signage Is Crucial

Signage can be the first interaction a potential customer will have with any retail store. From the outside, it’s a way of communicating a message about a store’s brand and its products. First impressions count in this context, and more often than not, a customer will decide whether to enter a store based solely on what that they can see. From the store’s name above the entrance to clearly displaying opening and closing times, signage can be a way in which business owners can stand-out.

In the case of signage, headline text matters. People pay attention to the first line of what they’re reading, and this determines a lot. Brand identity should be used in the case of creating unique signage. Some of the most successful retailers use witty puns and humor to speak to their customers. Consistency is vital here. Once a customer enters a store, they should expect to see similar signage indoors keeping tone, voice, colors and branding the same. Signage can also help to direct customers, display pricing information and much more.

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Color Schemes

Color is important to humans. It brings about many psychological effects and can evoke certain emotions when used effectively. In a retail store, the colors used play heavily into the brand identity. The shades used have been shown to increase brand recognition by up to 80%. Smaller retailers can benefit from using color to establish their brands too. A color palette should be selected based on the impression a brand wants to make upon its customers. From choosing yellow to represent youthfulness to green for calming, there are lots of ways to inspire shoppers.