How Online Education Helps New Moms Return to Work

Maternity leave can sometimes leave you feeling as if you are out of the loop. This can make returning to work can be a huge hurdle for new moms. However, online education can aid your return to work for a variety of reasons, allowing you to head back into the workplace with restored confidence in your ability and the chance to work within a position that you enjoy.

  • Allows You to Study from Home

Parenthood can restrict your ability to get an education due to concerns about moving into student accommodation or finding the right childcare options to support you throughout your studies. However, online education can eradicate these worries by allowing you to work toward the qualifications that you need on a remote basis. This can allow you to balance your new responsibilities as a mother with your commitment to your career and your studies, enabling you to work and study around the demands of your new family. At Excelsior College, they offer a range of online degree options, including an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts that can help to pave the way for a fruitful career in education or business.

  • Shrinks Any Education Barriers

If you found that you were struggling to get the job of your dreams before the birth of your baby, maternity leave is an excellent opportunity to work towards the requirements of your ideal career. For instance, an online degree can help you to shrink any education barriers or gaps that were preventing you from progressing in your career. This will enable you to get a promotion or to find an exciting new job opportunity the instant that your maternity leave comes to an end. This will allow you to have an improved stance in negotiations with your manager.

  • Boosts Your Resume

Your resume can often look slightly bare after nine months of pregnancy. To ensure that the birth of your child does not leave a difficult gap in your CV, you can make use of your leave by working toward an online degree. This will show that you have continued to focus on your career while you have been away and can help you to make your resume shine. This can be particularly useful if you are planning to look for another job on your return to work, rather than going back to the job that you had before your pregnancy.

  • Aids Career Changes

For many women, maternity leave can be a period of great reflection, where they can reassess their priorities and find out what they really want. This can often spur on a career change after their maternity leave ends. Not only this, but you might consider a career change if you are looking for a job that enables you to balance work with family life better. If this is the case, an online degree can help you to obtain the knowledge and skills that you will need to pursue a different career path than you had previously been trained for. Not only this but if having a baby has increased your interest in starting a business from home, an online degree can help you to get the expertise and understanding that you need to do this as well.