How to Announce an Engagement in 2011

David and I were pretty secretive about our engagement. Well, not exactly secretive, but we wanted to be able to share the news with our family and friends before someone unintentionally found out about it on Facebook. For special news like this, we wanted to see our friends’ smiles.

The problem with not telling everyone at once is that you have to tell everyone one at a time. Seems simple, yes? Not so much. We got engaged on November 2 and enjoyed our secret for a few days. Then it seemed everyone got really busy. Holidays approached, friends left town, we left town, and suddenly it’s January and one of my best friends still didn’t know.

There are probably still folks we have forgotten to tell, but hey maybe they should call us more. We’ve set a date and picked a place, and that’s about it. Apparently, we are fourteen months behind in planning and need to start meeting with caterers, florists, bakers, and candlestick makers immediately. Eek! But we want this planning process to be fun, and we know we’re going to need a stress reliever – bourbon can only help so much. So we thought, “Let’s write about it.”

We’ll be sharing our deep thoughts on the wedding planning process, as well as thoughts on love, relationships, and ridiculous catering surcharges. Enjoy, and please, say hello sometime.