How to Be Famous, Cheerleader Edition

So now we can add rain to the list of reasons public school administrators will, without hesitation, delay school. But the severe weather that occurred this morning around 4 exposed a more serious problem. The MetroSafe warning system failed and no sirens wailed when they should have. I heard WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold discussing his conversation with MetroSafe’s Doug Hamilton today, telling Joe Elliott that the failure was, as yet, unexplainable.

U of L cheerleader Jordan Alcazar's heave nearly cost the Cards

A Bartman Moment, Almost: Nobody was pulling harder for Pittsburgh to miss that last 3-pointer in overtime yesterday than U of L cheerleader Jordan Alcazar grabbed the basketball before time expired and flung it deliriously into the air. The move cost the Cards a technical. Pitt made 2 free throws and would have tied it with the last shot.  CBS cameras focused tightly on Alcazar during the controversial last few moments, and Rick Pitino was moved to say that had they lost, it would have been the end of the male cheerleader era at U of L.

Alcazar is now famous. The story was the 9th-most popular story on USA Today this afternoon.

Meanwhile, on the Card front, Rakeem Buckles injured his knee against Pitt and is lost for the season. But U of L moved up to #11 in the AP rankings and are likely to get a double-bye as one of the top 4 finishers in the Big East.

Milliman’s Payoff: Louisville attorney Jim Milliman got his reward for supporting Rand Paul’s candidacy for U.S. Senate. Paul named the Middleton-Reutlinger attorney, who used to spar with John Yarmuth on WAVE-TV, as his state political director. Milliman has been a regular on those Hot Button editorials on WAVE.

I’d Prefer LEO’s reporting on this: Only LEO would call describe Albert Mohler as “yoga-hating, empty womb-loathing.” And thanks to LEO for noticing Mohler’s appearance on a right-wing radio broadcast denouncing Obama for declaring the defense of marriage act unconstitutional.   But this may be the best excerpt:  “Mohler went on to say that marriage is essentially responsible for the pillars of society as we know it, but that today’s kids watch too much of the MTV and so don’t think that gays are reptilian humanoids hellbent on world domination like their forebears, ergo: Disaster is imminent.”

More Bridges: Hey, it’s still Sweeps Month on TV, so we should watch Andy Alcock’s story on where all that Bridges money is going.

It’s over, I won: That’s what Todd Blue told our Cindy Lamb about the Whiskey Row deal, as you can read here.

Humana Festival: We’ll be providing coverage of the Humana Festival of New American Plays throughout March.