I Believe In Science (Hill) for Supper

Lucky me. I received an invite to Sunday Supper at Science Hill Inn in Shelbyville.

If you haven’t been, the place represents a step back in time, with a traditional dining room that looks as if it hasn’t been changed in a hundred years. In fact, the building opened as a school in 1825. The only other time I’d been here was to see the Christmas decorations, but little did I know of the fine dinner available prepared by chef Ellen Gill.

2015-09-27 19.36.10Much went into the menu, starting with an appetizer of watermelon wrapped in bacon. Now, I’m no culinary critic, but of all the ways chefs have figured out how to use bacon, this was the best I’d tasted. And, Four Roses’ rep Dan Gardner was there to provide a bourbon-infused punch to go with it.

If you’re like me, you really don’t know exactly what a pork belly is. Now I do. This appetizer was like bacon on steroids, bursting with flavor from a special technique described by our host, Michael Beckmann. Next came a tasty salad – a wedge of lettuce with bleu cheese dressing and tomatoes.

The entre, tying in to the Sunday Supper theme, was a special meatloaf prepared with three meats, served with tomatoes and twice-baked potatoes. Already full, I couldn’t resist trying the bread pudding for dessert.

2015-09-27 18.25.11It was great sharing the room with some distinguished Rusty Satellite guests — Gary Fox, who made a pitch for Apron, Inc., the charitable organization that helps local restaurant industry workers, and Lenny Mello, my golf fitness instructor.

Science Hill is open daily for lunch. Call 502-633-2825 for reservations.