I Should Have Been a Photographer


Photography is an art.  People who have the ability to tell stories with their images are amazing.  It requires talent, practice, and no shortage of expensive tools.  That being said, I think we might rely on our friends with iPhones and buy a message chair.  Or maybe just hire someone to “take my class picture.”

The modern trend is to hire a photographer to do a “photo-journalistic” interpretation of your wedding.  They don’t simply take the basic family photos, but they also get the candid dance floor shots, and intimate loving moments.  For this, they charge a pretty penny.  While you can hire someone to take your head shots for a few hundred bucks, these folks command thousands.  This brings two things to my mind:

1.  I once heard a Father-of-the-Bride say, “Every check you write for a wedding is for thousands of dollars.  As long as you know that, everything is fine.”

2.  I should have been a photographer.

When you think about it, photographers are a little like doctors.  They have really expensive toys that nobody else knows how to use.  They have a secret language.  You see them for a while, they go off, and then like magic return having performed a miracle.  I wish I had photography insurance…maybe I could afford the co-pay!

So if anyone knows of aspiring young photographer who is looking for a chance to get started, let us know.  I’ll blog about her incessantly, recommend him to all our friends, and give him a lifetime supply of free CDs.

Photo: Klearchos Kapoutsis